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Amendments, transitional provisions, savings and repeals.     73. - (1) The minor and consequential amendments set out in Schedule 12 are to have effect.
      (2) The transitional provisions and savings set out in Schedule 13 are to have effect.
      (3) The enactments set out in Schedule 14 are repealed.
Consequential and supplementary provision.     74. - (1) The Secretary of State may by order make such incidental, consequential, transitional or supplemental provision as he thinks necessary or expedient for the general purposes, or any particular purpose, of this Act or in consequence of any of its provisions or for giving full effect to it.
      (2) An order under subsection (1) may, in particular, make provision-
    (a) for enabling any person by whom any powers will become exercisable, on a date specified by or under this Act, by virtue of any provision made by or under this Act to take before that date any steps which are necessary as a preliminary to the exercise of those powers;
    (b) for making savings, or additional savings, from the effect of any repeal made by or under this Act.
      (3) Amendments made under this section shall be in addition, and without prejudice, to those made by or under any other provision of this Act.
      (4) No other provision of this Act restricts the powers conferred by this section.
Short title, commencement and extent.     75. - (1) This Act may be cited as the Competition Act 1998.
      (2) Sections 70, 73(2) and 74 and this section come into force on the passing of this Act.
      (3) The other provisions of this Act come into force on such day as the Secretary of State may by order appoint; and different days may be appointed for different purposes.
      (4) This Act extends to Northern Ireland.
      (5) Nothing in this Act shall impose any charge on the people or on public funds, or vary the amount or incidence of or otherwise alter any such charge in any manner, or affect the assessment, levying, administration or application of any money raised by any such charge.
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© Parliamentary copyright 1998
Prepared 10 March 1998