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Savings for certain privileges.     13. Section 47 of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 (savings for privileges) applies in relation to this Act.
Prohibition of supply etc. of other explosives.     14. - (1) The power to make regulations under section 3 or 4(2) applies to explosives other than fireworks as to fireworks; and regulations made under this section are fireworks regulations for all the purposes of this Act.
      (2) In this section "explosives" has the same meaning as in the Explosives Act 1875.
      (3) The Secretary of State may by regulations amend subsection (2).
Repeals.     15. The Schedule (repeals and revocations, including repeals of enactments which are no longer necessary) has effect.
Parliamentary procedure for regulations.     16. Any power to make regulations under this Act shall be exercisable by statutory instrument subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.
Financial provisions.     17. - (1) There shall be paid out of money provided by Parliament-
    (a) any expenses incurred by any Minister of the Crown or government department in consequence of any provision of this Act, and
    (b) any increase attributable to this Act in the sums payable out of money so provided under any other Act.
      (2) Any sums received by the Secretary of State by virtue of this Act shall be paid into the Consolidated Fund.
Commencement.     18. - (1) Sections 1 to 16 shall not come into force until such day as the Secretary of State may by order made by statutory instrument appoint; and different days may be appointed for different purposes.
      (2) The Secretary of State may by order made by statutory instrument make such transitional provision in connection with the coming into force of any provision of this Act as he considers appropriate.
Short title and extent.     19. - (1) This Act may be cited as the Fireworks Act 1998.
      (2) This Act extends to Northern Ireland.
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Prepared 12 March 1998