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Public Interest Disclosure Bill

This is the text of the Public Interest Disclosure Bill, as amended in Committee in the House of Commons and printed on 11 March 1998.

Public Interest Disclosure Bill
1.Protected disclosures.
2.Right not to suffer detriment.
3.Complaints to employment tribunal.
4.Limit on amount of compensation.
5.Unfair dismissal.
7.Exclusion of restrictions on right not to be unfairly dismissed.
8.Compensation for unfair dismissal.
9.Interim relief.
10.Crown employment.
11.National security.
12.Work outside Great Britain.
13.Police officers.
14.Remedy for infringement of rights.
15.Interpretative provisions of 1996 Act.
16.Dismissal of those taking part in unofficial industrial action.
17.Corresponding provision for Northern Ireland.
18.Short title, interpretation, commencement and extent.

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Prepared 13 March 1998