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"Schedule 2A
      1. - (1) An Advisory Panel shall be a body corporate.
      (2) An Advisory Panel shall not be regarded as the servant or agent of the Crown or as enjoying any status, immunity or privilege of the Crown.
Appointment of members
      2. - (1) An Advisory Panel shall consist of not less than four nor more than six members, all of whom shall be appointed by the Secretary of State.
      (2) Before appointing a person to be a member, the Secretary of State shall satisfy himself that that person will have no such financial or other interest as is likely to affect prejudicially the discharge by him of his functions as a member.
      (3) The Secretary of State shall also satisfy himself from time to time with respect to every member that he has no such interest as is mentioned in sub-paragraph (2).
      (4) Any person who is, or whom the Secretary of State proposes to appoint to be, a member shall, whenever requested by the Secretary of State to do so, furnish him with such information as the Secretary of State considers necessary for the performance by him of his duties under sub-paragraphs (2) and (3).
Tenure of office
      3. - (1) Members shall hold and vacate office in accordance with their terms of appointment, subject to the following provisions.
      (2) A member may resign his membership by giving notice to the Secretary of State.
      (3) A person who ceases to be a member shall be eligible for re-appointment.
      (4) The Secretary of State may by notice in writing to the member concerned remove from office a member who-
    (a) has become bankrupt, has made an arrangement with his creditors, has had his estate sequestrated, has granted a trust deed for his creditors or has made a composition contract with his creditors, or
    (b) is incapacitated by physical or mental illness, or
    (c) has been absent from two or more consecutive meetings of the Advisory Panel otherwise than for a reason approved by them,
  or who is in the opinion of the Secretary of State otherwise unable or unfit to perform his duties as a member.
      4. - (1) Subject to the provisions of this paragraph and any directions given to them under this Act, an Advisory Panel may regulate their own procedure (including quorum and the appointment, if they think fit, of one of their number to act as chairman).
      (2) The validity of any proceedings of an Advisory Panel shall not be affected by any vacancy among the members or by any defect in the appointment of any member.
      (3) The Director General shall be given notice of, and shall be entitled to attend and address, any meeting of an Advisory Panel.
Remuneration and expenses
      5. The Director General shall pay to the members of an Advisory Panel such remuneration (if any), and such allowances (if any) in respect of travel or other expenses properly incurred by them in the performance of their duties, as the Secretary of State may determine.
Administrative support and facilities
      6. The Director General shall-
    (a) provide an Advisory Panel with such administrative support and facilities as are reasonably required for the performance of their functions, and
    (b) defray such expenses of an Advisory Panel as are reasonably incurred in the performance of their functions.
      7. Any expenditure of the Director General under paragraph 5 or 6 shall be deemed to be expenses incurred by the Director General which fall within paragraph 5 of Schedule 2.
      8. - (1) When the Director General has made public the identity of the successful applicant under section 5, he shall give written notice to the Secretary of State that the Advisory Panel appointed in connection with the selection of that applicant has discharged its functions under this Act.
      (2) If, in a case where the Secretary of State has received notice under sub-paragraph (1), he causes to be published in the London Gazette, the Edinburgh Gazette and the Belfast Gazette notice of the dissolution of the Advisory Panel in question, that Advisory Panel shall be dissolved as from the date of publication of the notice or, if it is published on different days, the latest of those days."
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Prepared 17 March 1998