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  S C H E D U L E


Chapter or Number
Short title or Title
Extent of repeal or revocation
1949 c. 51.
The Legal Aid and Advice Act 1949.
The whole Act.
1960 c. 28.
The Legal Aid Act 1960.
The whole Act
1964 c. 30.
The Legal Aid Act 1964.
The whole Act.
1972 c. 50.
The Legal Advice and Assistance Act 1972.
The whole Act.
1974 c. 4.
The Legal Aid Act 1974.
The whole Act
1979 c. 26.
The Legal Aid Act 1979.
The whole Act.
1982 c. 44.
The Legal Aid Act 1982.
The whole Act
1988 c. 34.
The Legal Aid Act 1988.
The whole Act.
1990 c. 41.
The Courts and Legal Services Act 1990.
Section 32.
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