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Speaker's Committee
Speaker's committee.     10. Before the registrar decides any question arising under section 3, 5, 6 or 18 he may seek advice from a committee of Members of the House of Commons appointed by the Speaker for the purpose.
Access to the register
General access.     11. - (1) The Secretary of State shall make regulations requiring the registrar-
    (a) to allow anyone to inspect the register, or any part of it, in such manner as the regulations may prescribe, and
    (b) to provide copies of the register, or any part of it, on request.
      (2) Regulations under this section may impose conditions, or enable the registrar to impose conditions, including conditions as to the payment of fees.
Request by Secretary of State.     12. On receipt of a request by the Secretary of State the registrar shall send a copy of the register to-
    (a) the Secretary of State;
    (b) any person specified in the request.
Effects of registration
Parliamentary elections: nomination and ballot papers.     13. Schedule 2 (which amends the Parliamentary Elections Rules) shall have effect.
Party political broadcasts.     14. - (1) A broadcaster shall not include in its broadcasting services any party political broadcast made on behalf of a political party which is not registered under this Act.
      (2) In this section "broadcaster" means-
    (a) the holder of a licence under the Broadcasting Act 1990 or 1996 ,
    (b) the British Broadcasting Corporation, and
    (c) Sianel Pedwar Cymru.
Security at party conferences.     15. - (1) Section 170 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 (security at party conferences) shall be amended as follows.
      (2) In subsections (1) and (3) for "qualifying political party" substitute in each place "qualifying registered political party".
      (3) After subsection (4) add-
    "(5) In this section "registered political party" means a party registered under the Registration of Political Parties Act 1998.".
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Prepared 24 June 1998