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     1. - (1) In this Schedule-
    "RPA" means the Resale Prices Act 1976;
    "RTPA" means the Restrictive Trade Practices Act 1976;
    "continuing proceedings" has the meaning given by paragraph 15;
    "the Court" means the Restrictive Practices Court;
    "enactment date" means the date on which this Act is passed;
    "Director" means the Director General of Fair Trading;
    "document" includes information recorded in any form;
    "information" includes estimates and forecasts;
    "interim period" means the period beginning on the enactment date and ending immediately before the starting date;
    "prescribed" means prescribed by an order made by the Secretary of State;
    "regulator" means any person mentioned in paragraphs (a) to (g) of paragraph 1 of Schedule 10;
    "starting date" means the date on which section 2 comes into force;
    "transitional period" means the transitional period provided for in Chapters III and IV of Part IV of this Schedule.
      (2) Sections 30, 44, 51, 53, 55, 56, 57 and 59(2) and (3) and paragraph 12 of Schedule 9 ("the applied provisions") apply for the purposes of this Schedule as they apply for the purposes of Part I of this Act.
      (3) Section 2(5) applies for the purposes of any provisions of this Schedule which are concerned with the operation of the Chapter I prohibition as it applies for the purposes of Part I of this Act.
      (4) In relation to any of the matters in respect of which a regulator may exercise powers as a result of paragraph 35(1), the applied provisions are to have effect as if references to the Director included references to the regulator.
General power to make transitional provision and savings
     2. - (1) Nothing in this Schedule affects the power of the Secretary of State under section 75 to make transitional provisions or savings.
      (2) An order under that section may modify any provision made by this Schedule.
Advice and information
     3. - (1) The Director may publish advice and information explaining provisions of this Schedule to persons who are likely to be affected by them.
      (2) Any advice or information published by the Director under this paragraph is to be published in such form and manner as he considers appropriate.
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Prepared 29 June 1998