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Landmines Bill

This is the text of the Landmines Bill, as presented to the House of Commons on 3 July 1998

Landmines Bill

1.Mines and components to which Act applies.

Offences relating to anti-personnel mines
2.Prohibited conduct.
3.Application of prohibitions to places outside the UK.
4.Conduct that is permitted.
5.International military operations.
6.Other defences to offences under section 2.

Securing the destruction of anti-personnel mines
7.Suspicious objects.
8.Power to remove or immobilise objects.
9.Power to destroy removed objects.
10.Power to enter premises and destroy objects.
11.Compensation for destruction.
12.Offences relating to destruction etc.

Fact-finding missions under the Ottawa Convention
13.Rights of entry etc. for fact-finding missions.
14.Offences in connection with fact-finding missions.
15.Privileges and immunities for fact-finding missions.
16.Reimbursement of expenditure.

Information and records
17.Information and records for Ottawa Convention purposes.
18.Power to search and obtain evidence.
19.Disclosure of information.

Criminal proceedings
20.Consents to prosecutions.
21.Customs and Excise prosecutions.
22.Forfeiture in case of conviction.
23.Offences by bodies corporate etc.

24.Power to amend Act.
25.Financial provisions.
26.Service of notices.
27.General interpretation.
28.Crown application.
29.Short title, commencement and extent.

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Prepared 3 July 1998