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     1. The Crown, including the succession to the Crown and a regency, but not-
    (a) functions of the First Minister and deputy First Minister, the Northern Ireland Ministers or the Northern Ireland departments, or functions in relation to Northern Ireland of any Minister of the Crown;
    (b) property belonging to Her Majesty in right of the Crown or belonging to a government department or held in trust for Her Majesty for the purposes of a government department;
    (c) the foreshore or the sea bed or subsoil or their natural resources so far as vested in Her Majesty in right of the Crown.
     2. The Parliament of the United Kingdom; parliamentary elections, including the franchise; disqualifications for membership of that Parliament.
     3. International relations, including treaties, the making of peace or war and neutrality, and connected matters but not-
    (a) the surrender of fugitive offenders between Northern Ireland and Ireland;
    (b) the exercise of legislative powers so far as required for giving effect to any agreement or arrangement made-
      (i) in pursuance of section 66; or
      (ii) by, or in relation to the activities of, any body which is the subject of an order under section 68;
    (c) the exercise of legislative powers for any of the purposes mentioned in section 2(2)(a) or (b) of the European Communities Act 1972, or for purposes similar to those of any of sections 5 to 12 of, or any paragraph of Schedule 4 to, that Act.
     4. The defence of the realm; the armed forces of the Crown but not any matter within paragraph 9 of Schedule 3 to this Act; the Ministry of Defence Police.
     5. Control of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.
     6. Dignities and titles of honour.
     7. Treason but not powers of arrest or criminal procedure.
     8. Nationality; immigration; aliens as such.
     9. Taxes under any law applying to the United Kingdom as a whole, existing Northern Ireland taxes and taxes substantially of the same character as any of those taxes.
     In this paragraph "existing Northern Ireland taxes" means any of the following taxes levied in Northern Ireland before the appointed day, that is to say, inheritance tax, stamp duty, general betting duty, pool betting duty, duty on gaming machine licences and duty on licences in respect of mechanically-propelled vehicles.
     10. The appointment and removal of judges of the Supreme Court of Judicature of Northern Ireland, county court judges, recorders, resident magistrates, justices of the peace, members of juvenile court panels, coroners, the Chief and other Social Security Commissioners for Northern Ireland, the Chief and other Child Support Commissioners for Northern Ireland and the President and other members of the Lands Tribunal for Northern Ireland.
     11. The appointment and office of the Director and deputy Director of Public Prosecutions for Northern Ireland.
     12. Elections, including the franchise, in respect of the Northern Ireland Assembly, the European Parliament and district councils; the registration of political parties.
     13. Coinage, legal tender and bank notes.
     14. The National Savings Bank.
     15. National security (including the Security Service, the Secret Intelligence Service and the Government Communications Headquarters); special powers and other provisions for dealing with terrorism or subversion.
     16. Any matter for which provision is made by this Act or the Northern Ireland Consitution Act 1973, but not-
    (a) matters in respect of which it is stated by this Act or that Act that provision may be made by Act of the Assembly; or
    (b) matters specified in Schedule 3 to this Act;
  and this paragraph shall not be taken to apply to any matter by reason only that provision is made in respect of it by an Order in Council under this Act or an order under section 68.
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Prepared 15 July 1998