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     1. - (1) In this Schedule "devolution issue" means a question-
    (a) whether any provision of an Act of the Assembly is within the legislative competence of the Assembly;
    (b) whether a purported or proposed exercise of a function by a Minister or Northern Ireland department is, or would be, incompatible with any of the Convention rights or with Community law; or
    (c) whether an action of a Minister or Northern Ireland department contravenes section 62.
      (2) In this paragraph "Minister" means the First Minister or the deputy First Minister, or a Northern Ireland Minister.
     2. A devolution issue shall not be taken to arise in any proceedings merely because of any contention of a party to the proceedings which appears to the court or tribunal before which the proceedings take place to be frivolous or vexatious.
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Prepared 15 July 1998