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  S C H E D U L E S

Chapter or Number
Short title or title
Extent of repeal or revocation
Group 1 - Sheriffs
50 & 51 Vict. c.55.
Sheriffs Act 1887.
In section 6(1), the words "the Lord High Treasurer, or if there is no Lord High Treasurer,".
Section 11.
Section 16(2).
Section 20(1).
In section 20(3), the words "or is given to an officer of the sheriff by the sheriff,".
Section 20(4).
Section 21.
Section 22.
Section 23(2).
In section 27(1) the words "let, or take to ferm".
Section 28.
In section 29(1) the words, "(c) lets go at large a prisoner who is not bailable; or".
In section 29(2) the words, "(a) withholds a prisoner bailable after he has offered sufficient security; or".
Section 30(2).
Section 31.
In section 33(4) the words "and save as regards the maintenance of men servants and the duration of office,".
Section 39 except paragraph (formerly proviso) (1)(c) and (d).
Section 40(2).
Group 2 - General Repeals
37 Geo.3 c.70.
Incitement to Mutiny Act 1797.
The whole Act.
37 Geo.3 c.40 (Ir.).
Incitement to Disaffection Act (Ireland) 1797.
The whole Act.
7 Geo.4 c.64.
Criminal Law Act 1826.
In section 28, the proviso.
In section 29, the words ", upon being paid for the same the sum of 25p and no more".
2 & 3 Vict. c.47.
Metropolitan Police Act 1839.
In section 76, the words from "on" onwards.
3 & 4 Vict. c.84.
Metropolitan Police Courts Act 1840.
Section 6.
10 & 11 Eliz.2 c.30.
Northern Ireland Act 1962.
Section 25.
Schedule 2.
1967 c.18 (N.I.).
Criminal Law Act (Northern Ireland) 1967.
In Schedule 1, paragraph 4.
1984 c.27.
Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.
Schedule 12.
1992 c.53.
Tribunals and Inquiries Act 1992.
In Schedule 2, paragraph 5.
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Prepared 21 July 1998