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The Equality Commission
     1. The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland shall-
    (a) keep under review the effectiveness of the duties imposed by section 61;
    (b) offer advice to public authorities and others in connection with those duties; and
    (c) where it thinks appropriate, request a public authority to make a first or revised scheme showing how it proposes to fulfil those duties in relation to some or all of its functions.
Equality schemes
     2. - (1) A public authority shall respond to a request under paragraph 1 by submitting a scheme to the Commission as soon as reasonably practicable.
      (2) A scheme shall state, in particular, the authority's arrangements-
    (a) for assessing its compliance with the duties under section 61;
    (b) for assessing the likely impact of policies adopted or proposed to be adopted by the authority on the promotion of the equality of opportunity mentioned in section 61(1);
    (c) for publishing the results of assessments;
    (d) for consulting on matters to which a duty under section 61 is likely to be relevant (including details of persons to be consulted);
    (e) for training staff;
    (f) for ensuring, and assessing, public access to services provided by the authority.
      (3) A scheme shall-
    (a) conform to any guidelines as to form or content which are issued by the Commission with the approval of the Secretary of State;
    (b) specify a timetable for measures proposed in the scheme; and
    (c) include details of how it will be published.
     3. Before submitting a scheme a public authority shall consult, in accordance with any directions given by the Commission, representatives of persons likely to be affected by the scheme.
     4. On receipt of a scheme the Commission shall-
    (a) approve it; or
    (b) refer it to the Secretary of State.
     5. - (1) Where a scheme is referred to the Secretary of State he shall-
    (a) approve it;
    (b) request the public authority to make a revised scheme; or
    (c) make a scheme for the public authority.
      (2) A request under sub-paragraph (1)(b) shall be treated in the same way as a request under paragraph 1(c).
     6. - (1) If a public authority wishes to revise a scheme it may submit a revised scheme to the Commission.
      (2) A revised scheme shall be treated as if it were submitted in response to a request under paragraph 1(c).
     7. - (1) If the Commission receives a complaint made in accordance with this paragraph of failure by a public authority to comply with a scheme approved or made under paragraph 4 or 5, it shall-
    (a) investigate the complaint; or
    (b) give the complainant reasons for not investigating.
      (2) A complaint must be made in writing by a person who claims to have been directly affected by the failure.
      (3) A complaint must be sent to the Commission during the period of 12 months starting with the day on which the complainant first knew of the matters alleged.
      (4) Before making a complaint the complainant must-
    (a) bring the complaint to the notice of the public authority; and
    (b) give the public authority a reasonable opportunity to respond.
     8. - (1) This paragraph applies to-
    (a) investigations required by paragraph 7; and
    (b) any other investigation carried out by the Commission where it believes that a public authority may have failed to comply with a scheme approved or made under paragraph 4 or 5.
      (2) The Commission shall send a report of the investigation to-
    (a) the public authority concerned;
    (b) the Secretary of State; and
    (c) the complainant (if any).
      (3) If a report recommends action by the public authority concerned and the Commission considers that the action is not taken within a reasonable time-
    (a) the Commission may refer the matter to the Secretary of State; and
    (b) the Secretary of State may give directions to the public authority in respect of any matter referred to him.
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Prepared 28 July 1998