Criminal Justice (Terrorism and Conspiracy) Bill - continued        House of Commons

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ChapterShort titleExtent of repeal
1977 c. 45.
Criminal Law Act 1977.
In section 1, subsections (1A) and (1B), the words in subsection (4) from "except that" to the end, and subsections (5) and (6).
S.I. 1983/1120 (N.I. 13).
Criminal Attempts and Conspiracy (Northern Ireland) Order 1983
In Article 9, paragraphs (1A) and (1B), the words in paragraph (4) from "except that" to the end, and paragraphs (5) and (6).
1990 c. 18.
Computer Misuse Act 1990.
Section 7(1) and (2).
Section 8(2) and (6)(b).
Section 9(2)(b).
Section 16(5), (6) and (8)(a).
1993 c. 36.
Criminal Justice Act 1993.
Section 5(1).
In section 6(1), the words "by virtue of section 1A of the Criminal Law Act 1977, or".
1995 c. 39.
Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 1995.
In section 16A, in subsection (1) the words "conspiracy or" and "the criminal purpose or, as the case may be,", in subsection (2) the words "the criminal purpose or, as the case may be," and "conspiracy or", in subsection (3) paragraph (a) and the words "(b) in the case of proceedings charging incitement" and in subsection (5) paragraph (a) and the words "(b) in relation to proceedings charging incitement".
1996 c. 29.
Sexual Offences (Conspiracy and Incitement) Act 1996.
Section 1.
In section 3, the words "1(3) or" in subsection (2), subsection (3), the words "1 or " in subsection (6) and subsection (7).
Section 4(b) and (c).
In section 7(3), the word "1".
S.I. 1996/3160 (N.I. 24).
Criminal Justice (Northern Ireland) Order 1996.
Article 42(1)(b).
In Article 43(2), the words "by virtue of Article 9A of that Order, or".
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