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  S C H E D U L E S

      In determining whether to approve the use of a name which includes a controlled title under section 3 of this Act the Secretary of State shall have regard to whether the business or company concerned has or will have the essential characteristics of a body which is representative of business and other interests (referred to in this Schedule as "a Chamber") which are as follows:-
     1. Constitution
    (a) other than in exceptional circumstances, a Chamber shall be constituted as a body corporate but not as a company limited by shares;
    (b) a Chamber shall not be a subsidiary or division of any other body, except another Chamber;
    (c) a Chamber shall be an independent body and not under the direct control of government or a local authority;
    (d) the constitutional arrangements of a Chamber shall provide for it to be controlled by its members.
     2. Membership
    (a) not less than 75 per cent. of the members of a Chamber shall be engaged in manufacture, commerce, business, trade, shipping, distribution, agriculture, fishing or professional practice;
    (b) the membership of a Chamber-
      (i) the name of which includes a reference to any place or area in the United Kingdom, shall be genuinely representative of the businesses in the whole of that place or area;
      (ii) the name of which includes references to any place or area in the United Kingdom and to any place or area outside the United Kingdom, shall be genuinely representative of the businesses seeking to promote business or trade between those places or areas.
     3. Purposes
    (a) a Chamber shall exist to serve and promote the interests of the whole of the business community in any places or areas included in its name;
    (b) a Chamber shall provide the local business community with information, advice and assistance;
    (c) a Chamber shall undertake, or encourage its members to undertake, joint promotional activities and to develop arrangements for mutual support.
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© Parliamentary copyright 1997
Prepared 15 January 1998