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Ministerial and other Salaries Bill
    This Bill makes provision for the alteration of salaries payable under the Ministerial and other Salaries Act 1975.
     Clause 1 repeals section 1(4) of the 1975 Act and inserts sections 1A and 1B. Section 1A introduces a formula which annually from 1st April 1998 will increase salaries by the average percentage by which the mid-points of the Senior Civil Service pay bands are increased from that date. Section 1B provides that an order may change the annual amount of a salary, or provide that the amount of a salary may be determined or changed by reference to another amount or a replacement formula.
     Clause 2 makes consequential amendments to the 1975 Act.
Financial effects of the Bill

    The Bill enables some salaries to be increased as explained above.
Effects of the Bill on civil service manpower

    The Bill will have no effect on Public Service Manpower.

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Prepared 26 June 1997