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Electoral regions
     1. The electoral regions for England shall be those listed in the Table below.
     2. - (1) Subject to sub-paragraph (2), a reference in the Table to a local government or administrative area is a reference to that area as it is for the time being.
      (2) Where an area specified in column (2) of the Table is altered, the alteration shall not have effect for the purposes of this Act until the first general election of MEPs at which the poll in the United Kingdom takes place after the alteration comes into force for all other purposes.
Number of MEPs elected for each region
     3. The number of MEPs elected for each electoral region in England shall be the number specified in column (3) of the Table.
     4. - (1) As soon as possible after 16th February in each pre-election year the Secretary of State shall-
    (a) consider whether the ratio of registered electors to MEPs is as nearly as possible the same for every electoral region in England, and
    (b) make by order such amendments of column (3) of the Table as he considers necessary to ensure that result.
      (2) An order under sub-paragraph (1) shall not alter the total number of MEPs elected for electoral regions in England.
      (3) For the purposes of sub-paragraph (1) the Secretary of State shall consider the number of registered electors as at 16th February of the pre-election year.
      (4) For the purposes of sub-paragraph (1) a registered elector for an electoral region is a person whose name appears in a relevant register, or part of a relevant register, which relates to the region, other than a person who is-
    (a) a relevant citizen of the Union within the meaning of section 202(1) of the Representation of the People Act 1983 (interpretation), and
    (b) registered only for the purposes of local government elections.
      (5) The relevant registers are-
    (a) registers of parliamentary electors;
    (b) registers of local government electors;
    (c) registers of peers maintained under section 3(2) to (9) of the Representation of the People Act 1985 (peers resident outside the United Kingdom);
    (d) registers maintained under regulation 9 of the European Parliamentary Elections (Changes to the Franchise and Qualification of Representatives) Regulations 1994 (relevant citizens of the European Union).
      (6) In this paragraph "pre-election year" means any year after 2002 which immediately precedes a year in which general elections would be held in accordance with Article 10(2).
      (7) A statutory instrument made under sub-paragraph (1) shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.
(1) Name of region
(2) Counties, &c. included
(3) Number of MEPs
East Midlands
County of Derbyshire
County of Derby
County of Leicester
County of Leicestershire
County of Lincolnshire
County of Northamptonshire
County of Nottinghamshire
County of Nottingham
County of Rutland
County of Bedfordshire
County of Cambridgeshire
County of Essex
County of Hertfordshire
County of Luton
County of Norfolk
County of Peterborough
County of Southend-on-Sea
County of Suffolk
County of Thurrock
The administrative area of Greater London
North East
County of Darlington
County of Durham
County of Hartlepool
County of Middlesbrough
County of Northumberland
County of Redcar and Cleveland
County of Stockton-on-Tees
County of Tyne and Wear
North West
County of Blackburn
County of Blackpool
County of Cheshire
County of Cumbria
County of Greater Manchester
County of Halton
County of Lancashire
County of Merseyside
County of Warrington
South East
County of Berkshire
County of Brighton and Hove
County of Buckinghamshire
County of East Sussex
County of Hampshire
County of Isle of Wight
County of Kent
County of the Medway Towns
County of Milton Keynes
County of Oxfordshire
County of Portsmouth
County of Southampton
County of Surrey
County of West Sussex
South West
County of Bath and North East Somerset
County of Bournemouth
County of the City of Bristol
County of Cornwall
County of Devon
County of Dorset
County of Gloucestershire
County of North West Somerset
County of Plymouth
County of Poole
County of Somerset
County of South Gloucestershire
County of Torbay
County of Swindon
County of Wiltshire
Isles of Scilly
West Midlands
County of Herefordshire
County of Staffordshire
County of Stoke-on-Trent
County of Shropshire
County of Warwickshire
County of West Midlands
County of The Wrekin
County of Worcestershire
Yorkshire & The Humber
County of the City of Kingston upon Hull
County of the East Riding of Yorkshire
County of North East Lincolnshire
County of North Lincolnshire
County of North Yorkshire
County of South Yorkshire
County of West Yorkshire
County of York
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Prepared 29 October 1997