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Entitlement to benefit without a claim
     1. In such cases or circumstances as may be prescribed, a decision whether a person is entitled to a relevant benefit for which no claim is required.
     2. If so, a decision as to the amount to which he is entitled.
Payability of benefit
     3. A decision whether a relevant benefit (or a component of a relevant benefit) to which a person is entitled is not payable by reason of-
    (a) any provision of the Contributions and Benefits Act by which the person is disqualified for receiving benefit;
    (b) regulations made under section 72(8) of that Act (disability living allowance);
    (c) regulations made under section 113(2) of that Act (suspension of payment); or
    (d) section 19 of the Jobseekers Act (jobseeker's allowance).
Payments to third parties
     4. Except in such cases or circumstances as may be prescribed, a decision whether the whole or part of a benefit to which a person is entitled is, by virtue of regulations, to be paid to a person other than him.
Recovery of benefits
     5. A decision whether payment is recoverable under section 71 or 71A of the Administration Act.
     6. If so, a decision as to the amount of payment recoverable.
Industrial injuries benefit
     7. A decision whether an accident was an industrial accident for the purposes of industrial injuries benefit.
Jobseekers' agreements
     8. A decision in relation to a jobseeker's agreement as proposed to be made under section 9 of the Jobseekers Act, or as proposed to be varied under section 10 of that Act.
Power to prescribe other decisions
     9. Such other decisions relating to a relevant benefit as may be prescribed.
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Prepared 27 November 1997