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     1. The bodies specified in Schedule 3.
     2. The Advisory Committee on Pesticides.
     3. The Committee on Agricultural Valuation.
     4. The Agricultural Wages Board for England and Wales.
     5. The Apple and Pear Research Council.
     6. The Committee on Aquaculture Research and Development.
     7. The Audit Commission for Local Authorities and the National Health Service in England and Wales.
     8. The British Tourist Authority.
     9. The British Waterways Board.
     10. The British Wool Marketing Board.
     11. The Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work.
     12. The Clinical Standards Advisory Group.
     13. A Community Health Council for a district wholly in Wales.
     14. The Standing Dental Advisory Committee.
     15. The Dental Practice Board.
     16. The Committee on Dental and Surgical Materials.
     17. The Environment Agency.
     18. The Family Health Services Appeal Authority.
     19. Food from Britain.
     20. A Health Authority for an area in, or consisting of, Wales.
     21. The advisory committee for England, Wales and Northern Ireland constituted under section 32 of the Hill Farming Act 1946 to advise about the exercise of powers under that Act.
     22. The Home Grown Cereals Authority.
     23. The Horticulture Development Council.
     24. The Joint Nature Conservation Committee.
     25. The Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales.
     26. The Meat and Livestock Commission.
     27. The Standing Medical Advisory Committee.
     28. The Mental Health Act Commission.
     29. The Milk Development Council.
     30. The Museums and Galleries Commission.
     31. The National Biological Standards Board.
     32. A National Health Service trust all or some of whose hospitals, establishments or other facilities are situated in Wales.
     33. The Trustees of the National Heritage Memorial Fund.
     34. The National Lottery Charities Board.
     35. The National Radiological Protection Board.
     36. The Standing Nursing and Midwifery Advisory Committee.
     37. The Standing Pharmaceutical Advisory Committee.
     38. The Potato Industry Development Council (known as the British Potato Council).
     39. The Public Health Laboratory Service Board.
     40. The Residuary Milk Marketing Board.
     41. The Sea Fish Industry Authority.
     42. A Special Health Authority performing functions in respect only of Wales.
     43. The Sugar Beet Research and Education Committee.
     44. The United Kingdom Sports Council.
     45. The United Kingdom Transplant Support Service Authority.
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Prepared 27 November 1997