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National Cycle Network

Mr. Charles Clarke: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions if all trunk road crossings required by the National Cycle Network will be completed by 2000. [22671]

Ms Glenda Jackson: I will write to my hon. Friend and will place a copy of my letter in the Library.

Contaminated Land

Mr. Dalyell: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions, pursuant to his Department's letter (reference EE/PSO/17203/97), what analytical results he has received from the Environment Agency about the use of earthworms on contaminated sites; and if he will make a statement. [22732]

Angela Eagle: The Environment Agency has completed the field work part of this study and the process of identifying and quantifying the results has begun. A report on the findings will be published in due course and will be available to the public.

Air Traffic (Heathrow)

Mr. MacShane: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions if he will list the (a) time of arrival, (b) aircraft type and (c) owning company of aeroplanes that landed at Heathrow Airport before 7 am on (i) 25 December 1997 and (ii) 1 January 1998. [22729]

Ms Glenda Jackson: The information from Heathrow Airport Ltd. is as follows:

Arrivals--25 December 1997

Time of arrivalAircraft typeAirline
01.32 hrsCitationGama Aviation
04.07 hrsA340Virgin Atlantic
04.15 hrsB747British Airways
04.18 hrsB747British Airways
04.28 hrsB777British Airways
05.00 hrsB777British Airways
05.03 hrsB747Cathay Pacific
05.05 hrsB747British Airways
05.15 hrsB747British Airways
05.18 hrsB747British Airways
05.24 hrsB747British Airways
05.28 hrsB747Qantas
05.32 hrsB747Singapore Airlines
05.51 hrsB747Saudia
06.00 hrsB777British Airways
06.02 hrsA300American Airlines
06.03 hrsB747British Airways
06.05 hrsA340Virgin Atlantic
06.07 hrsB747Malaysian Airlines
06.08 hrsB757EL AL
06.10 hrsB777British Airways
06.18 hrsB747Thai Airways
06.20 hrsDC10Canadian Airlines
06.22 hrsB747British Airways
06.24 hrsB747Cathay Pacific
06.25 hrsB747Air Canada
06.27 hrsB747British Airways
06.28 hrsB747 Air Canada
06.30 hrsB747Qantas
06.32 hrsB747British Airways
06.34 hrsB777United Airlines
06.36 hrsB747Virgin Atlantic
06.38 hrsA340Gulf Air
06.39 hrsB777United Airlines
06.41 hrsB767American Airlines
06.42 hrsB777British Airways
06.44 hrsB737British Airways
06.46 hrsB747British Airways
06.47 hrsB767United Airlines
06.50 hrsB777British Airways
06.52 hrsB747Virgin Atlantic
06.57 hrsB747South African

14 Jan 1998 : Column: 223

Arrivals--1 January 1998

Time of arrivalAircraft typeAirline
04.17 hrsA340Virgin Atlantic
04.21 hrsB747British Airways
04.27 hrsB777British Airways
04.31 hrsB777British Airways
04.33 hrsB747British Airways
04.44 hrsB747Cathay Pacific
04.49 hrsB747British Airways
04.52 hrsB747British Airways
05.04 hrsB747British Airways
05.06 hrsB747British Airways
05.10 hrsB747Singapore Airlines
05.19 hrsB777British Airways
05.29 hrsB747British Airways
05.33 hrsB747British Airways
05.40 hrsB747Malaysian Airlines
05.44 hrsB747Qantas
06.02 hrsB777United Airlines
06.04 hrsMD11American Airlines
06.06 hrsB747British Airways
06.08 hrsB747EL AL
06.09 hrsB747Air Canada
06.10 hrsDC10Ghana Airways
06.12 hrsA300American Airlines
06.14 hrsB747Cathay Pacific
06.16 hrsB767Gulf Air
06.18 hrsB747British Airways
06.19 hrsB777British Airways
06.21 hrsB747Virgin Atlantic
06.22 hrsB747British Airways
06.23 hrsB777United Airlines
06.25 hrsB747British Airways
06.27 hrsB747British Airways
06.28 hrsB747British Airways
06.30 hrsDC10Canadian Airlines
06.32 hrsB747Virgin Atlantic
06.33 hrsB747Thai Airways
06.35 hrsB747Qantas
06.36 hrsA340Virgin Atlantic
06.37 hrsB777British Airways
06.39 hrsB777United Airlines
06.40 hrsB747South African
06.42 hrsB777British Airways
06.43 hrsB747Air Canada
06.44 hrsB767United Airlines
06.46 hrsB747British Airways
06.47 hrsB747Air Nambia
06.49 hrsB777British Airways
06.50 hrsA310Cyprus Airways
06.52 hrsB747British Airways
06.53 hrsA300American Airlines
06.55 hrsB767American Airlines
06.57 hrsB777United Airlines
06.59 hrsB767British Airways
07.00 hrsA340Virgin Atlantic

14 Jan 1998 : Column: 224

Of these landings, between midnight and 0600 all of the flights except for the Citation (a small business jet) counted against the movements limit and against the noise quota, in accordance with the night flying restrictions.


Dr. Whitehead: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions what progress has been made towards the adoption of a European standard for the manufacture and installation of plastic sewerage pipes. [22763]

Angela Eagle: Progress toward the adoption of a European standard for different types of plastic sewerage pipes is being made as follows:

Dr. Whitehead: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions what standards for the unblocking of sewage pipes by high pressure water jet are presently in force. [22762]

Angela Eagle: A Code of Practice for removing blockages, which limits the pressure of the cleaning jet when blockages occur in plastic pipes, is currently in force. This can be used as a condition of contract for jetting contractors. I understand a new design of jet has been developed from which it is claimed that thin walled pipes cannot sustain damage.

Street Lighting

Dr. Marek: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions what action he is taking to ensure that street lights (a) are properly maintained and (b) do not present a safety risk to the public. [22816]

Ms Glenda Jackson: It is the responsibility of the relevant highway authority to ensure that street lights are properly maintained and safe.

14 Jan 1998 : Column: 225

On the Department's roads, where the Highways Agency is the responsible authority, the inspection and maintenance requirements are set out within the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges. Additional advice was issued by the Highways Agency in 1995 on the routine and detailed inspection of lighting columns and is available for other authorities to use.


Mr. Etherington: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions what progress has been made to assess the impact of increasing raptor numbers on game bird and racing pigeon interests; and what future projects his Department plans. [23101]

Angela Eagle: In 1995 my Department set up a Raptor Working Group to investigate the effects of the recovery in populations of birds of prey and their impact on game bird management and racing pigeons. The Working Group is chaired jointly by DETR and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC). Membership comprises scientific, conservation, game bird, landowning and racing pigeon interests. This Working Group has made significant progress in analysing the factors causing conflict and recently detailed its planned work for 1998 in a report to a forum of interested parties.

In 1998 the Group will concentrate on identifying integrated and practical solutions to deal with conflict situations. This will apply particularly to conflicts between the hen harrier and red grouse, where the Group will clarify the detail and legal implications of scaring techniques, supplementary feeding of raptors and possible translocation of harriers. Also the Group will consider how to raise awareness of moorland management issues and to discourage illegal persecution of raptors. The Working Group indicated its support for a national survey of hen harrier populations which is planned to take place in 1998.

Conclusions on the impact of birds of prey on racing pigeons should become clearer when the Department's sponsored research in this area reports in the late Spring of 1998. The Working Group will also assess the need for further research on the predation of pheasants at release pens.

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