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Mr. Robert McCartney: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what areas of the Stormont estate have been taken over for (a) building and (b) paving since 1 January 1993; for what purposes and what planning permission was sought; what buildings are temporary; and how many car parking spaces are provided on the Stormont estate. [37160]

Mr. Paul Murphy: Since 1 January 1993, 3.31 acres in total of the Stormont Estate have been used for the sites of new temporary buildings (2.782 acres) or paving (.526 acres). The requirement for additional accommodation was brought about as a consequence of the fire in Parliament Buildings, the need to relieve overcrowding in other buildings in the Estate and to make provision for the political negotiations at Block B, Castle Buildings, which also required the creation of new car parking facilities elsewhere.

While the Crown is not bound by planning legislation, there is a procedure by which the Planning Service is consulted before Crown development proceeds. This consultation procedure was not followed in relation to the erection of a number of temporary buildings in the Stormont Estate because they were urgently required, namely:

    Temporary building at Block B for press and catering

    Temporary accommodation within walled garden at Stormont Castle

    Temporary building at Massey Avenue.

Other buildings erected after 1 January 1993, namely a temporary building at Craigantlet Buildings and a temporary store at Maynard Sinclair Pavilion, followed consultation procedure with the Planning Service.

There are presently 2,261 parking slots in the Stormont Estate.


Mr. Fearn: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland if she will make it her policy to support the creation of an all-Ireland tourist authority. [37978]

23 Apr 1998 : Column: 677

Mr. Ingram: The creation of an all-Ireland tourist authority will be a matter for consideration by the representatives of the proposed Northern Ireland Assembly and the Oireachtas meeting to consider this and other matters under the auspices of the proposed North/South Ministerial Council.

However, it should be noted that Bord Failte (Irish Tourist Board) and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board (NITB) already co-operate closely in taking forward "Tourism Brand Ireland", a major all-Ireland promotional campaign launched in Autumn 1996.

23 Apr 1998 : Column: 678


Mr. Moore: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how many nurses were recruited by each trust and how many nurses left each trust (a) through retirement, (b) to work for a nursing agency and (c) for other reasons in (i) 1995-96, (ii) 1996-97 and (iii) 1997-98. [39303]

Mr. Worthington: Details of the number of nurses recruited and the number of nurses who left each trust in (i) 1995-96, (ii) 1996-97 and (iii) 1997-98 are set out in the table. The reasons for leaving are not held centrally.

23 Apr 1998 : Column: 677

Number of nurses who left and joined each trust between 1995--1998

Leavers Joiners
Trust1995-961996-97April-December(5) 19971995-961996-97April-December(5) 1997
Belfast City Hospital292622453725
Down and Lisburn156020606240
Green Park Trust11109464334
Mater Infirmorum Hospital1416293935
North Down and Ards433392422
North and West Belfast9819573950
Royal Group Hospital Trust43272113410572
South and East Belfast54211419234
UNDAH Trust193052827747
Homefirst Community(7)20207262125
United Hospitals Group(7)152215656980
Armagh and Dungannon(7)899303715
Craigavon Area Hospital3296531744
C'avon/B'bridge Community162347
Newry and Mourne31912685940
Altnagelvin HSS Trust(7)15625686978
Foyle HSS Community Trust(7)5912457229
Omagh and Fermanagh44(6)n/a(6)n/a65(6)n/a(6)n/a
Sperrin Lakeland Trust(7)(6)n/a119(6)n/a5251

(5) Figures for 1997-98 are available for the first 9 months only

(6) Not available

(7) These Providers did not obtain Trust status until 1996-97

23 Apr 1998 : Column: 677


Departmental Reviews

Mr. Clappison: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, pursuant to his answer of 20 January 1998, Official Report, columns 507-10, on departmental reviews, if the inter-departmental review of the Treatment of Vulnerable and Intimidated Witnesses announced on 13 June 1997 has been completed; and if he proposes to publish its findings. [39377]

Mr. Michael [holding answer 22 April 1998]: My right hon. Friend and I are currently considering how to take forward the final report of the inter-departmental working group on vulnerable or intimidated witnesses which we received recently.

Remand Prisoners (Drugs and Alcohol)

Helen Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many remand prisoners were assessed to have (a) a drug abuse problem and (b) an alcohol abuse problem on admission, by region, for each of the past five years. [39369]

23 Apr 1998 : Column: 678

Mr. George Howarth: The information requested is not collected centrally and could be obtained only at disproportionate cost.



Sir Alastair Goodlad: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development when she will publish the results of the study commissioned by her Department into a rights-based approach to poverty elimination. [39345]

Clare Short: The Department for International Development has not commissioned a study on a rights-based approach to poverty elimination. However, we have funded the production of a paper by the NGO Rights and Humanity, on a Human Rights Approach to Development, which will be published shortly. I will arrange for a copy to be sent to the right hon. Gentleman.

Sustainable Development

Sir Alastair Goodlad: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development what progress she has made with her European counterparts in submitting a draft decision to the Commission on Sustainable Development

23 Apr 1998 : Column: 679

to take forward the UN General Assembly Special Session decision on national sustainable development strategies; and if she will make a statement. [39344]

Clare Short: Under the UK Presidency, the EU has agreed a position to promote national sustainable development strategies which has been formally submitted to other countries and which is currently being pursued at the session of the Commission on Sustainable Development in New York.

Emergency Aid

Sir Alastair Goodlad: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development what action she has taken to review the co-ordination arrangements between Whitehall departments involved in emergency aid interventions. [39346]

Clare Short: Emergency aid interventions are co-ordinated by the Department for International Development in consultation with other Whitehall departments as necessary. These arrangements are kept

23 Apr 1998 : Column: 680

under continuous review to ensure their effectiveness. Whenever appropriate, formal co-ordination mechanisms are established for specific emergency situations.


Mr. Corbett: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development (1) if she will list those projects funded either in part or whole in Swaziland in each of the past three years, identifying each project by (a) name, (b) location and (c) purpose; [39393]

Clare Short: The UK-Swaziland development partnership concentrates on tackling poverty and public sector reform. Bilateral expenditure in the last financial year was over £2.5 million (provisional) and we expect to spend a similar amount in the current financial year. The table lists current projects and those funded during the past three financial years.

23 Apr 1998 : Column: 679

Project titleProject purposeInstitutional location
Swaziland Water Services Corps Phase I & IITo improve water supply and sewerage services in urban areas through the creation of an efficient parastatal organisationMinistry of Housing & Urban Development(8)
Assistance to Buildings BranchTo expedite the Public Sector Building programme in an efficient cost effective manner, to reduce costs, improve quality and delays in constructionMinistry of Public Works
Primary Education projectStrengthening of the primary education systemMinistry of Education(8)
Public Sector Management ProgrammeTo assist the Government of Swaziland to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its civil serviceMinistry of Finance(8)
Police Development ProjectTo assist the RSP in producing a Police Development Plan and produce an action plan to implement it. Then to assist in the implementationPrime Ministers Office(8)
Support to Swaziland Environmental AuthorityTo enable the SEA to more effectively address and resolve environmental concerns in Swaziland Ministry of Tourism & Environment(8)
Assistance to the Ministry of FinanceAssist the Ministry of Finance to reduce its budget deficit through strengthening policy and planning, and revenue collection, and provision of management adviceMinistry of Finance(8)
Enterprise DevelopmentConsultancy & advisory support to assist the establishment and operation of the Swaziland Enterprise FundMinistry of Enterprise & Employment(8)
Poverty Alleviation ProgrammePreparatory workshop and funding to local NGOs to implement poverty focused projects in the rural areas of SwazilandSwaziland Council of NGO's(8)
King's OfficeTechnical Co-operation adviser for the King of SwazilandKing's Office(8)
Institutional Strengthening of the Public Enterprise UnitTo ensure that the PEU has a full complement of trained staff and is appropriately resourced to implement the PEU Act without reliance on Donor SupportMinistry of Finance(8)
Surveyor General's Department (Phase I-III)Establish sustainable capacity within the Surveyor General's Department to develop and implement Business plans to complete the process of localisation of ODA supported postsMinistry of Natural Resources & Energy(8)
TCO Education Co-ordinatorCo-ordinate education projects in Botswana, Lesotho and SwazilandMinistry of Education
Land Resource Management ConsultancyTo advise on the institutional structures for land administrationMinistry of Natural Resources & Energy
Constitutional Review CommissionTo assist in the process of the review of the Constitution of the kingdom of SwazilandPrime Ministers Office
Development of a national lands policyThe development of an acceptable national lands policy for SwazilandMinistry of Natural Resources & Energy(8)
Aids ReadersTo educate young Swazis about the danger of AidsMinistry of Health
Community Dams ProjectTo ensure a constant water supply for the communities served by "Nsaliteje" and "Site 9" community dams in the South East of SwazilandSwaziland Farm Development Foundation
Yonge Nawe ProjectTo increase understanding of environmental concerns and conservation practices among childrenSkillshare Africa(9)
Swaziland Women's CentreTo increase the profitability and extent of small scale enterprise undertaken by rural womenSkillshare Africa(9)
Women's Financial TrustTo provide practical services to meet need for financial and technical assistanceSkillshare Africa(8)(9)
Hospice at HomeTo improve the health and economic status of Swazi families with members suffering from AIDS and other terminal illnessesSkillshare Africa(8)(9)
Support for CBO'sTo support the ability of Community Based Organisations to organise themselves to initiate and implement projectsWorld University Service(8)(9)
Funding for Core ProjectsTo advocate for enabling legislation and formulation of policies for the development, protection and welfare of childrenSave the Children Fund(9)

(8) Projects funded during the current 1998-99 financial year

(9) Projects funded by the Joint Funding Scheme

23 Apr 1998 : Column: 681

23 Apr 1998 : Column: 681

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