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Trans-European Networks

Mr. Jenkin: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions if he will list the United Kingdom schemes that (a) have received and (b) will receive funding from the European Union in respect of trans-European networks, indicating in each case (i) the

3 Nov 1998 : Column: 466

name of the scheme, (ii) the amount received, (iii) the total cost of the scheme and (iv) the proportion of (iii) represented by (ii) expressed as a percentage. [57692]

Ms Glenda Jackson: The details requested are in the following table. Trans-European Network (TEN) funding is paid in stages. Therefore it is necessary to distinguish between the amount of support awarded to a scheme and the amount actually received to date. Total estimated eligible costs for TEN support for a scheme are, in the case of ongoing projects for which further bids are expected to be made in future years, for the period 1995 to 1998 inclusive, and are not whole life scheme costs.

3 Nov 1998 : Column: 465

United Kingdom transport schemes in receipt of EU Trans
European Network (TEN) funding

All figures in million ecu
Column 1 SchemeColumn 2 Total amount awarded to dateColumn 3 Total amount receivedColumn 4 Total estimated eligible cost of scheme for TEN supportColumn 5 TEN award (Col.2) as a percentage contribution of total scheme costs (Col.4) for corresponding period
Channel Tunnel Rail Link91.00071.300668.70014
West Coast Main Line34.80024.927360.61510
Ireland-UK-Benelux Road Link (Studies in England)5.4002.70024.96322
RDS-TMC Implementation in the UK1.1500.5752.60044
Newry-Dundalk cross border road link study0.3250.1620.325100
ROADLINK Traffic Information System0.3000.1500.60050
Aeronautical Telecom Network Implementation study0.7450.3721.49050
European Coastal VHF Infrastructure for GMDSS0.1250.0503.7503
Great Western Lines study (Bristol-Penzance)0.8000.4001.60050
Pre-op. studies Automatic Dependent Surveillance/CPDLC0.8000.4001.60050
Traffic Management studies--Wales0.4000.2001.10036
A75 The Glen improvement1.3000.65013.05210
UK Ports studies (1997 group)0.7000.3501.50047
Trans Pennine Strategic Environmental Assessment study0.2450.1230.47552
Manchester Airport Ground Interchange Phase 10.50005.4539
London Luton Airport People Mover study0.6000.3001.23049
UK Ports Rail Access Studies0.6000.3001.44741
Ports Vessel Traffic System & VTMIS Studies0.5000.2501.19142
Telematics & Traffic Management on the TERN1.0000.5004.10024
Harwich Port Access & Interchange facilities0.5000.2005.4409
Cardiff Airport Access Road study (1998 Phase)1.3000.6502.65349
Stranraer Area Integrated Transport Package1.0000.4002.10048


RDS-TMC--Radio Data System-Traffic Message Channel

GMDSS--Global Maritime Distress and Safety Service

CPDLC--Controller Pilot Data Link Communication

VTMIS--Vessel Traffic Management Information System

TERN--Trans European Road Network

3 Nov 1998 : Column: 465


"News At Ten"

Mr. Peter Ainsworth: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport what representations he has received from the Prime Minister's Press Secretary regarding the proposal to change the time of "News at Ten". [57214]

Mr. Chris Smith [holding answer 29 October 1998]: None.

3 Nov 1998 : Column: 466

Spending Plans

Mr. Peter Ainsworth: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport if he will set out his Department's spending plans in each of the next three years in 1998 prices. [57205]

Mr. Chris Smith [holding answer 29 October 1998]: The Department's spending plans for the next three years at 1997-98 prices may be found in Table A3 on page 109 of the Comprehensive Spending Review White Paper (Cm 4011) published in July.

3 Nov 1998 : Column: 467

Public Appointments

Mr. Vaz: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport if he will publish the names of those people he has appointed to public bodies since 1 May 1997,

3 Nov 1998 : Column: 468

indicating the positions to which they have been appointed and whether they receive remuneration. [56786]

Mr. Chris Smith: The information requested is in the following table.

3 Nov 1998 : Column: 467

Sponsored bodyRoleNameRemuneration
Advisory Committee on Historic Wreck SitesMemberStuart BryanN
Advisory Committee on the Government Art CollectionChairmanJohn TusaN
Advisory Committee on the Government Art CollectionMemberMary Rose Beaumont, BA(Hons)N
Advisory Council on LibrariesMemberGrace KempsterN
Architectural Heritage FundTrusteeJane Sharman, CBEN
Architectural Heritage FundTrusteeJohn Heritage PavittN
Architectural Heritage FundTrusteeRobert Clow Esq.N
Architectural Heritage FundTrusteeWilliam CadellN
Arts Council of EnglandChairmanGerrard (Gerry) Jude RobinsonN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberPrudence SkeneN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberAnish KapoorN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberAntony GormleyN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberCllr. George LoggieN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberDerrick AndersonN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberJoanna McGregorN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberDeborah BullN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberChristopher PriceN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberDavid Brierley, CBEN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberDavid Waldorf Astor, CBE, FRSAN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberRod NatkielN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberRoger ReedN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberTrevor PhillipsN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberHilary Jane Veronica StrongN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberProfessor Andrew MotionN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberProfessor Christopher FraylingN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberProfessor Raymond CowellN
Arts Council of EnglandMemberProfessor Stuart TimperleyN
British Film Institute GovernorsChairmanAlan Parker, CBEN
British Film Institute GovernorsDeputy ChairmanJoan BakewellN
British Film Institute GovernorsGovernorLord Dafydd Elis ThomasN
British Film Institute GovernorsGovernorAlan HowdenN
British Film Institute GovernorsGovernorEric SenatN
British Film Institute GovernorsGovernorGus MacdonaldN
British Film Institute GovernorsGovernorRonnie KellsN
British Film Institute GovernorsGovernorSimon OlswangN
British Film Institute GovernorsGovernorTony ElliottN
British Film Institute GovernorsGovernorCharles DentonN
British Film Institute GovernorsGovernorBarry NormanN
British Film Institute GovernorsGovernorProfessor Brian WinstonN
British Library BoardMemberBernard NaylorY
British Library BoardMemberProfessor Michael AndersonY
British Tourist AuthorityMemberAlan E.M. Britten, MAY
British Tourist AuthorityMemberDes WilsonY
British Tourist AuthorityMemberJohn JarvisY
British Tourist AuthorityMemberPatrick McKennaY
Broadcasting Standards CommissionDeputy ChairmanSuzanne WarnerY
Broadcasting Standards CommissionMemberSioned Wyn ThomasY
Broadcasting Standards CommissionMemberRev. Rose Hudson-WilkinY
Crafts CouncilMemberDavid H. DavisN
Crafts CouncilMemberJanice TchalenkoN
Crafts CouncilMemberJohn BustonN
Crafts CouncilMemberPaul BiddleN
Crafts CouncilMemberJennie MoncurN
English HeritageCommissionerAndrew Fane Esq.Y
English HeritageCommissionerHRH The Duke of Gloucester, KG, GCVON
English HeritageCommissionerLady Elizabeth Gass, DLY
English HeritageCommissionerSusan Lois UnderwoodY
English HeritageCommissionerLoyd Daniel Gilman GrossmanY
English HeritageCommissionerBridget Cherry, FSAY
English HeritageCommissionerCandida Lycett GreenY
English HeritageCommissionerAmanda ArrowsmithY
English HeritageCommissionerKirsty McLeodY
English HeritageCommissionerProfessor Eric Fernie, CBEY
English HeritageCommissionerThe right hon. the Lord FaringdonY
English Sports CouncilActing ChairmanTrevor Brooking, MBEY
English Sports CouncilMemberGarth Anthony CrooksN
English Sports CouncilMemberCarol GustafsonN
English Tourist BoardMemberJennifer RobsonY
English Tourist BoardMemberDavid LunnY
Geffrye MuseumTrusteePhilip HedleyN
Historic Royal Palaces MemberBaron Inge of RichmondN
Historic Royal Palaces MemberDr. Simon Richard Jones, LVON
Historic Royal Palaces MemberJane Sharman, CBEN
Historic Royal Palaces MemberM. Herbert MA (Oxon), FCA, FRSA, CBEN
Historic Royal Palaces MemberAngela HeylinN
Horniman Museum TrusteeProfessor Kenneth GregoryN
Horniman Museum TrusteeProfessor Sir Ghillean Prance, FRSN
Imperial War Museum TrusteeKate Adie, OBEN
Independent Television Commission MemberAlistair G. Balls, CBY
Independent Television Commission MemberSir Michael ChecklandY
Independent Television CommissionMember WalesWinston Roddick, QCY
Library and Information Commission ChairmanMatthew Evans, CBEN
Library and Information Commission MemberClaire RaynerN
Library and Information Commission MemberCouncillor Edwin Arram, CMA, MBIFMN
Library and Information Commission MemberDr. R.A. McKee BA, MA, PhD, ALA, MllnfSc, FRSAN
Library and Information Commission MemberDr. Sandra WardN
Library and Information Commission MemberDerek LawN
Library and Information Commission MemberMark WoodN
Library and Information Commission MemberGrace KempsterN
Library and Information Commission MemberProfessor Judith ElkinN
Library and Information Commission MemberSir Charles Chadwyck-HealeyN
Library and Information Commission MemberSir Peter Swinnerton-DyerN
Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester ChairmanJohn LeeN
Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester TrusteeRajkumari WilliamsonN
Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester Vice-ChairmanVirginia HalliwellN
National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts ChairmanLord Puttnam of Queensgate, CBEY
National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts TrusteeCarol VordermanN
National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts TrusteeCatherine McKeeverN
National Endowment for Science, Technology and the ArtsTrusteeDr. Chris Evans, OBE N
National Endowment for Science, Technology and the ArtsTrusteeClive GillinsonN
National Endowment for Science, Technology and the ArtsTrusteeDavid WardellN
National Endowment for Science, Technology and the ArtsTrusteeDr. Bridget Ogilvie DBE, ScDN
National Endowment for Science, Technology and the ArtsTrusteeFrancois MatarassoN
National Endowment for Science, Technology and the ArtsTrusteeGenista McIntoshN
National Endowment for Science, Technology and the ArtsTrusteeJanice KirkpatrickN
National Endowment for Science, Technology and the ArtsTrusteeSir Martin ReesN
National Film and Television School GovernorsGovernorJohn McVayN
National Film and Television School GovernorsGovernorRoger BoltonN
National Film and Television School GovernorsGovernorTim BevanN
National Film and Television School GovernorsGovernorKate WilsonN
National Lottery Charities BoardChairmanThe Hon. David D. SieffY
National Lottery Charities BoardMember EnglandSteven Howard BurkemanN
National Lottery Charities BoardMember EnglandBarbara Joan LowndesN
National Lottery Charities BoardMember EnglandStella Rosemary Clarke, DL, CBEY
National Lottery Charities BoardMember N. IrelandJohn SimpsonN
National Lottery Charities BoardMember N. IrelandWilliam Bell OsborneN
National Lottery Charities BoardMember N. IrelandNoel StewartY
National Lottery Charities BoardMember ScotlandRonald Edward PartingtonN
National Lottery Charities BoardMember ScotlandAnne ClarkN
National Lottery Charities BoardMember ScotlandKay HamptonN
National Lottery Charities BoardMember UKAmanda Janet JordanY
National Lottery Charities BoardMember UKTessa BaringY
National Lottery Charities BoardMember UKSir Adam Nicholas RidleyY
National Lottery Charities BoardMember WalesThomas Henry JonesY
National Lottery Charities BoardMember WalesElisabeth WatkinsN
National Museums and Galleries on MerseysideChairmanDavid McDonnellN
National Museums and Galleries on MerseysideTrusteeCouncillor Frank PrendergastN
National Museums and Galleries on MerseysideTrusteeDr. Janet KearN
National Museums and Galleries on MerseysideTrusteeGraham Barrie MarshN
National Museums and Galleries on MerseysideTrusteeVoirrey Elizabeth BranthwaiteN
National Museums and Galleries on MerseysideTrusteeProfessor Preston Theodore KingN
New Opportunities FundChairmanThe Baroness Pitkeathley, OBEY
New Opportunities FundMemberDr. Sian GriffithsN
New Opportunities FundMemberDugald MackieN
New Opportunities FundMemberMelinda LettsN
New Opportunities FundMemberNita ClarkeN
New Opportunities FundMemberProfessor Eric James BoltonN
New Opportunities FundMemberProfessor John Allan Patmore, CBEN
New Opportunities FundMember EnglandJill Helen BarrowN
New Opportunities FundMember N. IrelandRoisin McDonoughN
New Opportunities FundMember ScotlandDavid CampbellN
New Opportunities FundMember WalesJane HuttN
Public Lending Right Advisory CommitteeChairmanMichael HolroydN
Public Lending Right Advisory CommitteeMemberClaire TomalinN
Public Lending Right Advisory CommitteeMemberHilary Marry MantelN
Public Lending Right Advisory CommitteeMemberLinda HopkinsN
Radio AuthorityDeputy ChairmanMichael MoriartyY
Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of ArtMemberIan GowN
Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of ArtMemberSir Jack BaerN
Royal ArmouriesMemberRichard WhiteleyN
Royal National TheatreChairmanSir Christopher Anthony HoggN
Royal National TheatreMemberHon. Peter BensonN
Royal National TheatreMemberMichael OliverN
Royal National TheatreMemberJoan BakewellN
Royal National TheatreMemberSue MacGregor, OBEN
Royal National TheatreMemberSir Ian McKellen, CBEN
Royal National TheatreMemberSir Thomas StoppardN
Royal Parks Ministerial Advisory BoardMemberBarbara AbensurN
Royal Parks Ministerial Advisory BoardMemberFrank ConstableN
S4CChairmanIfan Prys EdwardsY
S4CChairmanElan Closs StephensY
S4CMemberCefin CampbellY
S4CMemberNic ParryY
Theatres TrustChairmanSir John DrummondN
Theatres TrustMemberMartyn HeightonN
Theatres TrustTrusteeJohn MuirN
Theatres TrustTrusteeYvonne BrewsterN
Theatres TrustTrusteeSir Stephen Harry Waley-CohenN
Treasure Valuation CommitteeChairmanLord StewartbyN
Treasure Valuation CommitteeTrusteeJohn CaseyN
Treasure Valuation CommitteeTrusteePatrick FinnN
Treasure Valuation CommitteeTrusteeDennis JordanN
Treasure Valuation CommitteeTrusteeProfessor Norman PalmerN
Treasure Valuation CommitteeTrusteeDr. Jack OgdenN
United Kingdom Sports CouncilChairmanSir Rodney WalkerN
United Kingdom Sports CouncilMemberTrevor Brooking, MBEN

3 Nov 1998 : Column: 471

3 Nov 1998 : Column: 471

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