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Commons Journal 254

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Session 1997–98

The Parliament begun and held at the City of Westminster, on Monday, the seventh day of May in the forty-sixth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady ELIZABETH, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith; and in the year of our Lord 1997.

[No. 1.]

Wednesday 7th May 1997.

The House met at half-past Two o'clock.


1The House being met; and it being the first day of the meeting of this Parliament, pursuant to Proclamation, Donald William Limon, Esquire, C.B., Clerk of the House of Commons, William Robert McKay, Esquire, C.B., Clerk Assistant, and George Cubie, Esquire, Principal Clerk of the Table Office, attending in the House, and the other Clerks attending, according to their duty, Sir Thomas Stuart Legg, K.C.B., Q.C., Clerk of the Crown in Chancery in Great Britain, delivered to the said Donald William Limon a book containing a list of the names of the Members returned to serve in this Parliament.

Several of the Members repaired to their seats.

Sir Edward Heath took the Chair, pursuant to Standing Order No. 1 (Election of the Speaker).

2Message to attend the Lords Commissioners,—A Message was received from the Lords Commissioners, by the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod:

Members of the House of Commons,

The Lords, authorised by virtue of Her Majesty's Commission, desire the immediate attendance of this Honourable House in the House of Peers, to hear the Commission read.

3Accordingly the House went up to the House of Peers, and a Commission having been read for opening and holding the Parliament, the Lords Commissioners directed the House to proceed to the Election of a Speaker, and to present the Speaker Elect to-morrow, in the House of Peers, for the Royal Approbation.

4And the House having returned;

Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody proposed to the House for its Speaker Miss Betty Boothroyd, and moved, That the Right honourable Betty Boothroyd do take the Chair of this House as Speaker, which Motion was seconded by Mr John MacGregor.

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Miss Betty Boothroyd then stood up in her place, and expressed the sense she had of the honour proposed to be conferred upon her, and submitted herself to the House.

Resolved, That Miss Betty Boothroyd do take the Chair of this House as Speaker.

Whereupon Sir Edward Heath left the Chair, and Miss Betty Boothroyd was taken out of her place and conducted to the Chair by Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody and Mr John MacGregor, and, standing on the upper step, she expressed her respectful and humble acknowledgement to the House of the great honour which the House had been pleased to confer upon her and sat down in the Chair.

Then the Mace (which before lay under the Table) was placed upon the Table.

Whereupon the Prime Minister, Mr John Major, Mr Paddy Ashdown, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Mr David Trimble and the Reverend Ian Paisley congratulated Madam Speaker Elect, and Mr Thomas McAvoy moved, That this House do now adjourn.

Madam Speaker Elect thereupon put the Question, which being agreed to, the House adjourned accordingly at twenty-eight minutes to Four o'clock, till to-morrow, and Madam Speaker Elect went away without the Mace before her.

[Adjourned at 3.32 p.m.

[No. 2.]

Thursday 8th May 1997.

1The House met at half-past Two o'clock; and Madam Speaker Elect having taken the Chair;

2Message to attend the Lords Commissioners,—A Message was received from the Lords Commissioners, by the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod:

Madam Speaker Elect,

The Lords, authorised by virtue of Her Majesty's Commission, desire the immediate attendance of this Honourable House in the House of Peers.

3Accordingly Madam Speaker Elect, with the House, went up to the House of Peers, where she was presented to the said Lords Commissioners for Her Majesty's Royal Approbation.

Then the Lord Chancellor, one of the said Lords Commissioners, signified Her Majesty's Approbation of Madam Speaker Elect.

4The House having returned;

5Madam Speaker reported, That the House had been in the House of Peers, where Her Majesty was pleased by Her Majesty's Commissioners to approve the choice the House had made of her to be its Speaker, and that she had in its name and on its behalf by humble Petition to Her Majesty made claim to all its ancient and undoubted Rights and Privileges, particularly to freedom of speech in debate, freedom from arrest, freedom of access to Her Majesty whenever occasion may require, and that the most favourable construction should be placed upon all its proceedings; which she said Her Majesty, by Her said Commissioners, had been pleased to allow and confirm to it in as ample a manner as they have ever been granted or confirmed by Her Majesty or any of Her Majesty's Royal Predecessors.

And then Madam Speaker repeated her very respectful acknowledgments and grateful thanks to the House for the great honour it had conferred upon her.

Madam Speaker then put the House in mind that the first thing to be done was to take and subscribe the Oath required by law.

6Madam Speaker takes the Oath,—Thereupon Madam Speaker first, alone, standing upon the upper step of the Chair, took and subscribed the Oath.

7Death of a Member,—The Speaker made the following communication to the House:

I regret to have to report to the House the death of Sir Michael Shersby, Member for Uxbridge. I am sure that Members on all sides of the House will join me in mourning the loss of a colleague and in extending our sympathy to the honourable Member's family and friends.

8Members take the Oath or make Affirmation,—Then the following Members took and subscribed the Oath, or made and subscribed the Affirmation required by law:

Right honourable Sir Edward Richard
George Heath, K.G., M.B.E.
for Old Bexley and Sidcup

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Right honourable Anthony Charles
Lynton Blair
Right honourable John Major   Huntingdon.
Right honourable John Leslie Prescott   Kingston upon Hull East.
Right honourable Winifred Ann, Mrs TaylorDewsbury.
Right honourable Robert Finlayson Cook   Livingston.
Right honourable James Gordon Brown   Dunfermline East.
Right honourable John Whitaker Straw   Blackburn.
Right honourable Margaret Mary Beckett   Derby South.
Right honourable Dr Gavin Steel Strang   Edinburgh East and Musselburgh.
Right honourable David George Clark   South Shields.
Right honourable Marjorie Mowlam   Redcar.
Right honourable George Islay MacNeill RobertsonHamilton South.
Right honourable Alistair Maclean Darling   Edinburgh Central.
Right honourable Ronald Davies   Caerphilly.
Right honourable John Anderson CunninghamCopeland.
Right honourable Frank Gordon Dobson   Holborn and St. Pancras.
Right honourable Clare Short   Birmingham, Ladywood.
Right honourable David Blunkett   Sheffield, Brightside.
Right honourable Harriet Ruth Harman   Camberwell and Peckham.
Right honourable Christopher Robert SmithIslington South and Finsbury.
Right honourable Donald Campbell Dewar   Glasgow, Anniesland.
Right honourable Kenneth Harry Clarke, Q.C.Rushcliffe.
Right honourable Nicholas Hugh Brown   Newcastle upon Tyne East and Wallsend.
Right honourable Dr Brian Stanley MawhinneyNorth West Cambridgeshire.
Right honourable Michael Howard, Q.C.   Folkestone and Hythe.
Right honourable Alistair Robertson GoodladEddisbury.
Right honourable Douglas Martin Hogg, Q.C.Sleaford and North Hykeham.
Right honourable Gillian Patricia, Mrs ShephardSouth West Norfolk.
Right honourable Peter Bruce Lilley   Hitchin and Harpenden.
Right honourable William Jefferson Hague   Richmond (Yorks).
Right honourable Jeremy John Durham AshdownYeovil.
Right honourable Alan James Beith   Berwick-upon-Tweed.
Right honourable Gerald Bernard KaufmanManchester, Gorton.
Right honourable Robert Edward Sheldon   Ashton-under-Lyne.
Right honourable Anthony Neil Wedgwood BennChesterfield.
Right honourable Alan John Williams   Swansea West.
Right honourable Sir Peter Frank Hannibal EmeryEast Devon.
Right honourable Sir Peter Robert Cable LloydFareham.
Right honourable David John Maclean   Penrith and The Border.
Right honourable David Maurice Curry   Skipton and Ripon.
Right honourable David Michael Davis   Haltemprice and Howden.
Right honourable Eric Forth   Bromley and Chislehurst.
Right honourable John David TaylorStrangford.
Right honourable John Michael Jack   Fylde.

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Right honourable Michael Andrew Foster Jude Kerr, commonly called Earl of Ancram and known as Right honourable Michael AncramDevizes.
Right honourable Francis Anthony Aylmer MaudeHorsham.
Right honourable Ann Noreen WiddecombeMaidstone and The Weald.
Right honourable Peter Leonard Brooke, C.H.Cities of London and Westminster.
Right honourable Sir John Paul Stanley   Tonbridge and Malling.
Reverend Ian Richard Kyle Paisley   North Antrim.
Daffyd Wigley, Esquire   Caernarfon.
Margaret Anne, Mrs Ewing   Moray.
Winston James Griffiths, Esquire   Bridgend.
Samuel Laird Galbraith, Esquire   Strathkelvin and Bearsden.
Peter Kilfoyle, Esquire   Liverpool, Walton.
John Hume, Esquire   Foyle.
John McFall, Esquire   Dumbarton.
Jon Owen Jones, Esquire   Cardiff Central.
Peter Gerald Hain, Esquire   Neath.
George Foulkes, Esquire   Carrick, Cumnock, and Doon Valley.
Alan Thomas Howarth, Esquire, C.B.E.   Newport East.
Paul Yaw Boateng, Esquire   Brent South.
Malcolm George Richardson Chisholm, EsquireEdinburgh North and Leith.
Geoffrey William Hoon, Esquire   Ashfield.
Kevin Michael Hughes, Esquire   Doncaster North.
John Francis Spellar, Esquire   Warley.
Anthony Worthington, Esquire   Clydebank and Milngavie.
Estelle Morris   Birmingham, Yardley.
Thomas McLaughlin McAvoy, Esquire   Glasgow, Rutherglen.
Clive James Charles Betts, Esquire   Sheffield, Attercliffe.
Elliot Anthony Morley, Esquire   Scunthorpe.
James Patrick Dowd, Esquire   Lewisham West.
Jane Elizabeth, Mrs Kennedy   Liverpool, Wavertree.
Gregory James Pope, Esquire   Hyndburn.
Bridget Theresa, Mrs Prentice   Lewisham East.
Dr Kim Scott Howells   Pontypridd.
Right honourable Thomas Jeremy King, C.H.Bridgwater.
Graham William Allen, Esquire   Nottingham North.
Keith John Charles Bradley, Esquire   Manchester, Withington.
Robert William Ainsworth, Esquire   Coventry North East.
Sir Peter Hannay Bailey Tapsell   Louth and Horncastle.
Robert Adam Ross Maclennan, EsquireCaithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross.
Sir Richard Bernard Frank Stewart Body   Boston and Skegness.
Stephen Barry Jones, Esquire   Alyn and Deeside.
Dennis Edward Skinner, Esquire   Bolsover.
Thomas Michael Cox, Esquire   Tooting.
Sir William David Madel   South West Bedfordshire.
Sir Patrick Thomas Cormack   South Staffordshire.
Nicholas Raymond Winterton, Esquire   Macclesfield.
Roger Stott, Esquire, C.B.E.   Wigan.
Sir Michael William Hardy Spicer   West Worcestershire.
Bruce Thomas George, Esquire   Walsall South.
Andrew Francis Bennett, Esquire   Denton and Reddish.
Dennis Andrew Canavan, Esquire   Falkirk West.
William Ross, Esquire   East Londonderry.

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Right honourable Sir Geoffrey Johnson SmithWealden.
Sir Raymond William Whitney, O.B.E.   Wycombe.
John David Home Robertson, Esquire   East Lothian.
Brian Charles John Sedgemore, EsquireHackney South and Shoreditch.
Sir Alan Gordon Barraclough Haselhurst   Saffron Walden.
Richard Lewis Page, Esquire   South West Hertfordshire.
Giles Heneage Radice, Esquire   North Durham.
Dale Norman Campbell-Savours, EsquireWorkington.
David Marshall, Esquire   Glasgow, Shettleston.
Ernest Ross, Esquire   Dundee West.
John Alston Maxton, Esquire   Glasgow, Cathcart.
Lawrence Francis Cunliffe, Esquire   Leigh.
Sir Sydney Brookes Chapman   Chipping Barnet.
Martin John O'Neill, Esquire   Ochil.
Sir Raymond Powell   Ogmore.
Angus Paton Welsh, Esquire   Angus.
David Julian Winnick, Esquire   Walsall North.
Michael John Martin, Esquire   Glasgow, Springburn.
Sir Edward MacMillan Taylor   Rochford and Southend East.
Michael Keith Beale Colvin, Esquire   Romsey.
James Marshall, Esquire   Leicester South.
Clive Stafford Soley, Esquire   Ealing, Acton and Shepherd's Bush.
Richard Charles Scrimgeour Shepherd, EsquireAldridge-Brownhills.
John Arbuthnot Du Cane Wilkinson, EsquireRuislip-Northwood.
John David McWilliam, Esquire   Blaydon.
Frank Field, Esquire   Birkenhead.
Reverend William Martin Smyth   Belfast South.
Right honourable Stephen James DorrellCharnwood.
Marion Audrey, Mrs Roe   Broxbourne.
Archibald Johnstone Kirkwood, Esquire   Roxburgh and Berwickshire.
Simon Robert Key, Esquire   Salisbury.
Roger James Gale, Esquire   North Thanet.
Charles Frederick Wardle, Esquire   Bexhill and Battle.
Jane Ann, Mrs Winterton   Congleton.
Clifford Forsythe, Esquire   South Antrim.
Cecil Walker, Esquire   Belfast North.
William Michie, Esquire   Sheffield, Heeley.
Roy Beggs, Esquire   East Antrim.
Andrew James MacKay, Esquire   Bracknell.
John Valentine Butterfill, Esquire   Bournemouth West.
Francis Cook, Esquire   Stockton North.
Dr Norman Anthony Godman   Greenock and Inverclyde.
John Mark Taylor, Esquire   Solihull.
Michael Nicholson Lord, Esquire   Central Suffolk and North Ipswich.
Peter Leslie Pike, Esquire   Burnley.
James Robert Wallace, Esquire   Orkney and Shetland.
Charles Peter Kennedy, Esquire   Ross, Skye and Inverness West.
Robert Nelson Wareing, Esquire   Liverpool, West Derby.
Terence Anthony Gordon Davis, EsquireBirmingham, Hodge Hill.
Robin Corbett, Esquire   Birmingham, Erdington.
Malcolm Gray Bruce, Esquire   Gordon.
Ann Clwyd   Cynon Walley.
William O'Brien, Esquire   Normanton.
Patrick Allen McLoughlin, Esquire   West Derbyshire.

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Andrew Robert Frederick Hunter, Esquire   Basingstoke.
Robert Victor Jackson, Esquire   Wantage.
David Martin Hinchliffe, Esquire   Wakefield.
Audrey, Mrs Wise   Preston.
Alice, Mrs Mahon   Halifax.
Maria, Mrs Fyfe   Glasgow, Maryhill.
Simon Henry Ward Hughes, Esquire   North Southwark and Bermondsey.
Eric Evelyn Illsley, Esquire   Barnsley Central.
Harold Barnes, Esquire   North East Derbyshire.
John Scott Cummings, Esquire   Easington.
Ronald Campbell, Esquire   Blyth Valley.
Donald Anderson, Esquire   Swansea East.
Gerald Neil Steinberg, Esquire   City of Durham.
Timothy Eric Boswell, Esquire   Daventry.
Simon Hugh McGuigan Burns, Esquire   West Chelmsford.
Patrick Charles Martyn Nicholls, Esquire   Teignbridge.
James Douglas Cran, Esquire   Beverley and Holderness.
Christopher John Fred Gill, Esquire, R.D.   Ludlow.
John McAllion, Esquire   Dundee East.
James Hood, Esquire   Clydesdale.
Matthew Owen John Taylor, Esquire   Truro and St Austell.
Ieuan Wyn Jones, Esquire   Ynys Mo(r)n.
Bernard Alexander Montgomery Grant, EsquireTottenham.
Alexander Elliot Anderson Salmond, EsquireBanff and Buchan.
James Wray, Esquire   Glasgow, Baillieston.
David Arthur Stephen Tredinnick, Esquire   Bosworth.
Joan Mary, Mrs Ruddock   Lewisham, Deptford.
Frank Doran, Esquire   Aberdeen Central
Christopher John Mullin, Esquire   Sunderland South.
Eric Anthony Martlew, Esquire   Carlisle.
James Norwich Arbuthnot, Esquire   North East Hampshire.
Ian Cameron Bruce, Esquire   South Dorset.
Janet Ray, Mrs Michie   Argyll and Bute.
Stephen Richard Day, Esquire   Cheadle.
Katherine Letitia Hoey   Vauxhall.
David Trimble, Esquire   Upper Bann.
Right honourable Sir Archibald Gavin HamiltonEpsom and Ewell.
Paul Phillip Flynn, Esquire   Newport West.
William John Olner, Esquire   Nuneaton.
James Dolan Cunningham, Esquire   Coventry South.
Piara Singh Khabra, Esquire   Ealing, Southall.
David George Hanson, Esquire   Delyn.
Edward Henry Garnier, Esquire, Q.C.   Harborough.
Andrew Peter Miller, Esquire   Ellesmere Port and Neston.
Rachel Anne Squire   Dunfermline West.
Malcolm Douglas Moss, Esquire   North East Cambridgeshire.
Gary Nicholas Streeter, Esquire   South West Devon.
Jean Ann Corston   Bristol East.
George William Stevenson, Esquire   Stoke on Trent South.
William James Clappison, Esquire   Hertsmere.
Nicholas Richard Ainger, EsquireCarmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire.
Oliver Heald, Esquire   North East Hertfordshire.
Adam Paterson Ingram, Esquire   East Kilbride.
Martyn David Jones, Esquire   Clwyd South.

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Michael Clapham, Esquire   Barnsley West and Penistone.
Jeffrey Ennis, Esquire   Barnsley East and Mexborough.
Angela Frances, Mrs Browning   Tiverton and Honiton.
Peter Landreth Atkinson, Esquire   Hexham.
Katherine, Mrs Adams   Paisley North.
Roger Duncan Godsiff, EsquireBirmingham, Sparkbrook and Small Heath.
Dr Lynne Mary Jones   Birmingham, Selly Oak.
Neil Francis Gerrard, Esquire.   Walthamstow.
Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz, EsquireLeicester East.
Margaret Eve, Mrs Hodge, M.B.E.   Barking.
Thomas Pendry, Esquire   Stalybridge and Hyde.
Dr John Marek   Wrexham.
Bruce Joseph Grocott, Esquire   Telford.
John Matthew Patrick Hutton, Esquire   Barrow and Furness.
Donald Michael Ellison Foster, Esquire   Bath.
Helen Margaret, Mrs Jackson   Sheffield, Hillsborough.
David William George Chidgey, Esquire   Eastleigh.
Michael St. John Trend, Esquire, commonly called the honourable Michael St. John TrendWindsor.
James Keith Chapman, Esquire   Wirral South.
Huw William Edmund Edwards, Esquire   Monmouth.
William John Gunnell, Esquire   Morley and Rothwell.
James Donnelly Touhig, Esquire   Islwyn.
Hugh Bayley, Esquire   City of York.
George Iain Duncan Smith, Esquire   Chingford and Woodford Green.
Nicholas John Hawkins, Esquire   Surrey Heath.
Tessa Jane Helen Douglas Jowell   Dulwich and West Norwood.
Joyce Gwendolen Quin   Gateshead East and Washington West.
Alan Milburn, Esquire   Darlington.
William Etherington, Esquire   Sunderland North.
Gwyneth Patricia, Mrs Dunwoody, commonly called the honourable Mrs Gwyneth Patricia Dunwoody   Crewe and Nantwich.
Brian David Henderson Wilson, Esquire   Cunninghame North.
Cheryl Elise Kendall, Mrs Gillan   Chesham and Amersham.
John Flashby Lawrance Whittingdale, EsquireMaldon and East Chelmsford.
Geoffrey Robert Clifton-Brown, Esquire   Cotswold.
Roseanna Cunningham   Perth.
Peter James Bottomley, Esquire   Worthing West.
Gerry Sutcliffe, Esquire   Bradford South.
Richard Haines Burden, Esquire   Birmingham, Northfield.
Joan Lorraine Walley   Stoke on Trent North.
Ian Phares Pearson, Esquire   Dudley South.
James Edward Thornton Paice, Esquire   South East Cambridgeshire.
Denis MacShane, Esquire   Rotherham.
Michael Connarty, Esquire   Falkirk East.
Richard John Grenville Spring, Esquire   West Suffolk.
John Heppell, Esquire   Nottingham East.
Michael Louis David Fabricant, Esquire   Lichfield.
David Digby Rendel, Esquire   Newbury.
Jon Hedley Trickett, Esquire   Hemsworth.
Simon Patrick Tipping, Esquire   Sherwood.
Arthur Nicholas Winston Soames, Esquire, commonly called the honourable Arthur Nicholas Winston SoamesMid Sussex.

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Bernard Christison Jenkin, Esquire, commonly called the honourable Bernard Christison JenkinNorth Essex.
Dr Anthony Wayland Wright   Cannock Chase.
Gordon Prentice, Esquire   Pendle.
Anne Caroline Ballingall Mcintosh   Vale of York.
Christopher James Fraser, Esquire   Mid Dorset and North Poole.
Keith Robert Simpson, Esquire   Mid Norfolk.
Julian Murray Lewis, Esquire   New Forest East.
Owen William Paterson, Esquire   North Shropshire.
Howard Emerson Flight, Esquire   Arundel and South Downs.
Barbara Maureen, Mrs Roche   Hornsey and Wood Green.
Laurence Anthony Robertson, Esquire   Tewkesbury.
Right honourable Sir George Samuel Knatchbull Young, BaronetNorth West Hampshire.
Robert Andrew Raymond Syms, Esquire   Poole.
Iain Coleman, Esquire   Hammersmith and Fulham.
Benjamin Peter James Bradshaw, Esquire   Exeter.
Fraser Kemp, Esquire   Houghton and Washington East.
Ian Arthur Cawsey, Esquire   Brigg and Goole.
Rudolf Jan Vis, Esquire   Finchley and Golders Green.
Andrew David Lansley, Esquire   South Cambridgeshire.
Michael Thomas Hancock, Esquire   Portsmouth South.
Richard Arthur Lloyd Livsey, Esquire   Brecon and Radnorshire.
Lembit Opik, Esquire   Montgomeryshire.
Dr Jennifer Louise Tonge   Richmond Park.
Edward Jonathon Davey, Esquire   Kingston and Surbiton.
Paul Kenneth Burstow, Esquire   Sutton and Cheam.
Denis Murphy, Esquire   Wansbeck.
Julian William Hendy Brazier, Esquire, T.D.Canterbury.
Paul Archer Tyler, Esquire, C.B.E.   North Cornwall.
Malcolm Hunt Wicks, Esquire   Croydon North.
Desmond Stanley Turner, Esquire   Brighton, Kemptown.
Peter Michael Ainsworth, Esquire   East Surrey.
Christine Margaret Butler   Castle Point.
Helen Mary Jones   Warrington North.
Jovanka, Mrs Humble   Blackpool North and Fleetwood.
Andrew Hartley Dismore, Esquire   Hendon.
Anthony James McNulty, Esquire   Harrow East.
James Fitzpatrick, Esquire   Poplar and Canning Town.
Llewellyn Thomas Smith, Esquire   Blaenau Gwent.
Clare Judith Mallaber   Amber Valley.
Linda, Mrs Gilroy   Plymouth, Sutton.
Christine Margaret Russell   City of Chester.
Jennifer Grace Jones   Wolverhampton South West.
Right honourable John Roddick Russell MacGregor, O.B.E.South Norfolk.
Roger Leslie Berry, Esquire   Kingswood.
Jeffery Mark Donaldson, Esquire   Lagan Valley.
John Martin McDonnell, Esquire   Hayes and Harlington.
Gareth Richard Thomas, Esquire   Harrow West.
Mark Wainwright Todd, Esquire   South Derbyshire.
Ann Lloyd, Mrs Keen   Brentford and Isleworth.
Colin Burgon, Esquire   Elmet.
David Anthony Lock, Esquire   Wyre Forest.
John Cradock Maples, Esquire   Stratford on Avon.
Eleanor Fulton, Mrs Laing   Epping Forest.
Andrew Stunell, Esquire   Hazel Grove.

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Melanie Jane Johnson   Welwyn Hatfield.
Phyllis Margaret, Mrs Starkey   Milton Keynes South West.
Jacqueline Jill Smith   Redditch.
Paul Stuart Keetch, Esquire   Hereford.
William John Thompson, Esquire   West Tyrone.
Thomas Hilton Dawson, Esquire   Lancaster and Wyre.
Ann Coffey   Stockport.
Ian Graham Davidson, Esquire   Glasgow, Pollok.
Anne Campbell   Cambridge.
Harold Best, Esquire   Leeds North West.
Anthony Richard Clarke, Esquire   Northampton South.
Stephen Creswell Timms, Esquire   East Ham.
Donald Cameron Easterbrook Gorrie, EsquireEdinburgh West.
Paul Gerard Goggins, Esquire   Wythenshawe and Sale East.
Hazel Anne Blears   Salford.
Stephen Pelham Pound, Esquire   Ealing North.
9Adjournment,—Resolved, That this House do now adjourn.—(Mr Clive Betts.)

And accordingly the House, having continued to sit till two minutes to Five o'clock, adjourned till to-morrow.

[Adjourned at 4.58 p.m.

[No. 3.]

Friday 9th May 1997.

The House met at half-past Nine o'clock.


1Members take the Oath or make Affirmation,—The following Members took and subscribed the Oath, or made and subscribed the Affirmation required by law:

Glenda May Jackson, C.B.E.   for Hampstead and Highgate.
Terence Lewis, Esquire   Worsley.
Right honourable John Alan Redwood   Wokingham.
Richard Geoffrey James Ottaway, Esquire   Croydon South.
John Quentin Davies, Esquire   Grantham and Stamford.
Peter David Robinson, Esquire   Belfast East.
Peter James Luff, Esquire   Mid Worcestershire.
Nigel Martin Evans, Esquire   Ribble Valley.
John Rhodes Horam, Esquire   Orpington.
Sir Alexander Paul Beresford   Mole Valley.
Derek John Fatchett, Esquire   Leeds Central.
Paul Peter Murphy, Esquire   Torfaen.
Ian McCartney, Esquire   Makerfield.
David Anthony Atkinson, Esquire   Bournemouth East.
Edward Julian Egerton Leigh, Esquire   Gainsborough.
John Dominic Battle, Esquire   Leeds West.
Joseph Alan Meale, Esquire   Mansfield.
David Anthony Andrew Amess, Esquire   Southend West.
Ian Stewart, Esquire   Eccles.
Lindsay Harvey Hoyle, Esquire   Chorley.
Howard Geoffrey Alvin Stoate, Esquire   Dartford.
Beverley June Hughes   Stretford and Urmston.
Linda Perham   Ilford North.

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John Healey, Esquire   Wentworth.
Ronald Cyril Fearn, Esquire   Southport.
Louise Joyce Ellman   Liverpool, Riverside.
Jacqueline Rita, Mrs Lawrence   Preseli, Pembrokeshire.
Philip Hammond, Esquire   Runnymede and Weybridge.
Timothy Paul Loughton, Esquire   East Worthing and Shoreham.
Candice Kathleen Atherton   Falmouth and Camborne.
Shaun Anthony Woodward, Esquire   Witney.
James Andrew Plaskitt, Esquire   Warwick and Leamington.
Dr John Vincent Cable   Twickenham.
Brian Joseph Cotter, Esquire   Weston-Super-Mare.
Adrian Mark Sanders, Esquire   Torbay.
Sydney Norman John Rapson, Esquire   Portsmouth North.
David William St. John Heath, Esquire   Somerton and Frome.
Timothy William George Collins, Esquire   Westmoreland and Lonsdale.
William Ernest Rammell, Esquire   Harlow.
Mark Oaten, Esquire   Winchester.
Thomas Anthony Brake, Esquire   Carshalton and Wallington.
Fiona Margaret MacTaggart   Slough.
Ivor Keith Caplin, Esquire   Hove.
Christopher Richard Pond, Esquire   Gravesham.
Gillian Joanna Merron   Lincoln.
Kelvin Peter Hopkins, Esquire   Luton North.
Theresa Mary, Mrs May   Maidenhead.
Graham Brady, Esquire   Altrincham and Sale West.
Martin Philip Caton, Esquire   Gower.
John Simon Bercow, Esquire   Buckingham.
Stuart Bell, Esquire   Middlesbrough.
Right honourable Derek Foster   Bishop Auckland.
Nicolas John Gibb, Esquire   Bognor Regis and Littlehampton.
Christopher Nigel Beard, Esquire   Bexleyheath and Crayford.
Stephen John Ladyman, Esquire   South Thanet.
Stephen Hepburn, Esquire   Jarrow.
Nicholas Francis St Aubyn, Esquire   Guildford.
Alan Patrick Vincent Whitehead, Esquire   Southampton, Test.
Daphne Barbara Follett   Stevenage.
Gisela Gschaider, Mrs Stuart   Birmingham, Edgbaston.
Brian David Jenkins, Esquire   Tamworth.
Patricia Hope Hewitt   Leicester West.
Jonathan Sayeed, Esquire   Mid Bedfordshire.
Brian Arthur Robert White, Esquire   North East Milton Keynes.
Nicholas Douglas Palmer, Esquire   Broxtowe.
Ivan John Henderson, Esquire   Harwich.
Paul Gordon Clark, Esquire   Gillingham.
Lawrence William Quinn, Esquire   Scarborough and Whitby.
Alan Arthur Johnson, Esquire   Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle.
Hywel Rhodri Morgan, Esquire   Cardiff West.
Julie Morgan   Cardiff North.
Paul David Stinchcombe, Esquire   Wellingborough.
Stephen John Byers, Esquire   North Tyneside.
Charles Rodway Clarke, Esquire   Norwich South.
Claire Margaret Ward   Watford.

Page 11      Friday 9th May 1997       1997-1998      Volume 254      Back to top

Debra Ann Shipley   Stourbridge.
Michael David Wills, Esquire   North Swindon.
Gwynfor Mathews Prosser, Esquire   Dover.
Charlotte Atkins   Staffordshire Moorlands.
Eric Jack Pickles, Esquire   Brentwood and Ongar.
Barry Strachan Gardiner, Esquire   Brent North.
Iain Coleman, Esquire   Hammersmith and Fulham.
Right honourable Alan KennethMcKenzie ClarkKensington and Chelsea.
Margaret Moran   Luton South.
Oona Tamsyn King   Bethnal Green and Bow.
Caroline Louise Flint   Don Valley.
Andrew Guy Tyrie, Esquire   Chichester.
Philip James Woolas, Esquire   Oldham East and Saddleworth
Stephen Twigg, Esquire   Enfield, Southgate.
Dominic Charles Roberts Grieve, Esquire   Beaconsfield.
David Roy Lidington, Esquire   Aylesbury.
David Anthony Crausby, Esquire   Bolton North East.
Philip Andrew Sawford, Esquire   Kettering.
Eileen, Mrs Gordon   Romford.
Andrew Love, Esquire   Edmonton.
Geraint Richard Davies, Esquire   Croydon Central.
Robert Graham Marshall-Andrews,EsquireMedway.
David Lepper, Esquire   Brighton, Pavilion.
Dr John Reid   Hamilton North and Bellshill.
Right honourable Sir Peter Norman Fowler   Sutton Coldfield.
John Martin Linton, Esquire   Battersea
Paul William Barry Marsden, Esquire   Shrewsbury and Atcham.
David Laurie Ruffley, Esquire   Bury St. Edmunds.
Piers Rolf Garfield Merchant, Esquire   Beckenham.
Right honourable Andrew David Smith   Oxford East.
Anthony Joseph Lloyd, Esquire   Manchester Central.
Judith Ann Church   Dagenham.
John Eric Austin-Walker, Esquire   Erith and Thamesmead.
Norman John Baker, Esquire   Lewes.
Desmond Angus Swayne, Esquire   New Forest West.
Trevor Keith Hill, Esquire   Streatham.
Fiona Elizabeth Ann Jones   Newark.
Alun Edward Michael, Equire   Cardiff South and Penarth.
Joan Marie Ryan   Enfield North.
2Adjournment,—Resolved, That this House do now adjourn till Tuesday 13th May.—(Bridget Prentice.)

And accordingly the House, having continued to sit till Twelve o'clock, adjourned till Tuesday 13th May.

[Adjourned at 12 noon.

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