Select Committee on Agriculture Minutes of Evidence

Annex A

Terms of Reference


  1.  At the request of:—

    Department of Health

    Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

    Department of the Environment

    Department of Trade & Industry

    Department of Transport

    Health & Safety Executive

    Medicines Control Agency:

    Section 4 Committees and

    the Licensing Authority

    Committee on the Medical

    Aspects of Food Policy

    Home Office

    Scottish Home and Health Department

    Welsh Office

    Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for Scotland

    Department of Health and Social Services for Northern Ireland

    Other Government Departments

to assess and advise on the toxic risk to man of substances which are:—

    (a) used or proposed to be used as food additives, or used in such a way that they might contaminate food through their use or natural occurrence in agriculture, including horticulture and veterinary practice or in the distribution, storage, preparation, processing or packaging of food;

    (b) used or proposed to be used or manufactured or produced in industry, agriculture, food storage or any other workplace;

    (c) used or proposed to be used as household goods or toilet goods and preparations;

    (d) used or proposed to be used as drugs, when advice is requested by the Medicines Control Agency, Section 4 Committee or the Licensing Authority;

    (e) used or proposed to be used or disposed of in such a way as to result in pollution of the environment.

  2.  To advise on important general principles or new scientific discoveries in connection with toxic risks, to co-ordinate with other bodies concerned with the assessment of toxic risks and to present recommendations for toxicity testing.

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Prepared 23 June 1998