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Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 24 February 1998.


Members present:

Mr Andrew F Bennett, in the Chair

Christine ButlerMrs Gwyneth Dunwoody
Mr John CummingsMr Bill Olner
Mr Brian H DonohoeDr Alan Whitehead

Memorandum by the Local Government Association (AL 34)


Examination of witnesses

MR MIKE BRANAGHAN, Head of Parks and Heritage Estates, Bristol City Council, CLLR KEITH WHITMORE, Manchester City Council, CLLR NICKY GAVRON, Harringay Borough Council, Chair, Planning Committee LGA, Local Government Association, were examined.

Question Number
119 - 139
140 - 159
160 - 163

Supplementary Memorandum by the Local Government Association (AL 34(a))

Memorandum by Martin Stott (AL 18)

Memorandum by South East Regional Allotments Committee (AL 27)

Examination of witnesses

MR MARTIN STOTT, Allotment Holder, MR JOHN SMYTH, South East Regional Allotments Committee, were examined.

Question Number
164 - 179
180 - 186

Supplementary Memorandum by South East Regional Allotments Committee (AL 27(a))

Memorandum by Allotments 2000 (AL 28)

Examination of witnesses

MR GRAHAM CLARKE, Editor, Amateur Gardening Magazine, and MR ADRIAN BISHOP, Deputy Editor, Amateur Gardening Magazine, Allotments 2000, were examined.

Question Number
187 - 209

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Prepared 20 April 1998