Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Minutes of Evidence



M1 J10-14 Widening

M1 J21A-23A Widening

M1 J23A-25 Widening (including A6-M1 Link)

M1 J25-28 Junction Improvements

M1 J31-32 Widening

M1 J6A-10 Widening

M11 J14 Improvement

M11 J5 North Facing Slip Road Improvement

M11 J8-9 Widening

M23 J8-9 Widening

M25 J12-15 Widening

M25 J15-16 Widening

M25 J16-19 Widening

M4 J4B-8/9 Widening

M42 J3A-7 Widening

M5 J17-21 Widening

M6 Carlisle to Guardsmill Extension

M6 J11A-16 Widening

M6 J16-19 Widening

M62 East-M606 Link Road

M62 J12-18 Improvements

M62 J6 Improvement

M63 J6-9 Widening

M66 Denton-Middleton Contract 3

A1 Gateshead Western Bypass Improvement

A1 Willowburn-Denwick

A1(M) Ferrybridge-Hook Moor

A1(M) J6-8 Widening

A1(M) Redhouse-Ferrybridge

A1(M) Wetherby-Walshford

A10 Wadesmill High Cross-Colliers End Bypass

A1033 Hedon Road Improvement

A11 Attleborough Bypass

A11 Fiveways-Thetford Improvement

A11 Roudham Heath-Attleborough

A120 Stansted-Braintree Improvement

A13 Iron Bridge-Canning Town Improvement

A13 Movers Lane Junction Improvement

A13 Prince Regent Lane Junction Improvement

A13/A117 Junction Improvement

A14 Improvement (M11 J14-M1/A1 Link)

A14 Rookery Crossroads GSJ

A2 Bean-Cobham Phase 1: Bean-Tolegate

A2 Bean-Cobham Phase 2: Tolegate-Cobham

A2 Lydden-Dover Improvement

A2/A282 Dartford Improvement

A2/M2 Cobham-J4 Widening

A205 Catford Town Centre Improvement

A21 Lamberhurst Bypass

A21 Tonbridge Bypass-Pembury Bypass Dualling

A23 Coulsdon Inner Relief Road

A249 Iwade-Queenborough Improvement

A259 Bexhill and Hastings Western Bypass

A259 Hastings Eastern Bypass

A259 Pevensey-Bexhill Improvement

A27 Arundel Bypass

A27 Polegate Bypass

A27 Selmeston Bypass

A27 Southerham-Beddington Improvement

A27 Wilmington Bypass

A3 Hindhead Improvement

A30 Bodmin-Indian Queens Improvement

A30/A303 Marsh Honiton and A35 Honiton Eastern Bypass

A303 Chicklade Bottom-Mere Improvement

A303 Ilminster-Marsh Improvement

A303 Ilminster Bypass Improvement

A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Improvement

A303 Winterbourne Stoke Bypass

A303 Wylye-Stockton Wood Improvement

A31-Poole Link Road

A34 Chieveley/M4 (J13) Improvement

A36 Codford-Heytesbury Improvement

A36 Salisbury Bypass

A38 Derby Ring Road A52/A5111 GSJ

A38 Derby Ring Road A61 GSJ

A38 Dobwalls Bypass

A38 Saltash-Stoketon Cross Improvement

A4 Henlys/Waggoners Corner Improvement

A40 Gypsy Corner Improvement

A40 Western Circus Junction Improvement

A406 Bounds Green-Green Lanes Improvement

A406 Golders Green Road Junction Improvement

A406/A1/A598 Regents Park Road Junction Improvement

A41 Aston Clinton Bypass

A428 Great Barford Bypass

A428 Norse Road Link

A43 Geddington Bypass

A43 M40-B4031 Improvement

A43 Moulton-Broughton Improvement

A43 Silverstone Bypass

A43 Whitfield Turn—Brackley Hatch Improvement

A43/A16 Stamford Relief Road

A435 Studley Bypass

A45 Weedon, Flore and Upper Heyford Bypass

A45/A46 Tollbar End Improvement

A453 Clifton-M1 Improvement

A453 Clifton Lane Improvement

A46 Newark-Lincoln Improvement

A46 Newark-Widmerpool Improvement

A47 Hardwick Roundabout Flyover

A47 Thorney Bypass

A49 Hereford Bypass

A5 Dunstable Eastern Bypass

A5 Nesscliffe Bypass

A5 Weeford-Fazeley Improvement

A500 Basford/Hough/Shavington Bypass

A500 City Road and Stoke Road Junctions Improvement

A5117 M56-A550 Improvement

A550 Deeside Park-A5117 Improvement

A555 Manchester Airport Link West

A555/A523 Poynton Bypass

A556(M) M6-M56 Link

A564 Derby Southern Bypass (Contract B)

A564 Derby Southern Bypass (Contract C) Derby Spur

A57/A682 Mottram-Tintwistle Bypass

A570 Ormskirk Bypass

A590 High and Low Newton Bypass

A595 Parton-Lillyhall Improvement

A6 Clapham Bypass

A6 Great Glen Bypass

A6 Rothwell-Desborough Bypass

A6 Rushden and Higham Ferrers Bypass

A6(M) Stockport North/South Bypass

A629 Skipton-Kildwick Improvement

A63 Castle Street Hull Improvement

A63 Melton GSJ

A63 Selby Bypass

A65 Gargrave Bypass

A65 Hellifield and Long Preston Bypass

A650 Bingley Relief Road

A650 Hard Ings Road Improvement

A66 Stainburn and Great Clifton Bypass

A66 Temple Sowerby and Improvement at Winderwath

Birmingham Northern Relief Road

Poole Harbour Crossing

M60 Manchester Outer Ring Road Re-Signing Project

London Primary Route Signing Project

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© Parliamentary copyright 1998
Prepared 17 August 1998