Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Minutes of Evidence


Explanation of changes in DETR spending plans for 1999-2000 between the 1997 Annual Reports and latest plans published in the Comprehensive Spending Review White Paper

All figures in £ millions. Totals may not sum exactly due to roundings

Expenditure areaMarch 1997
July 1998

Housing, of which4,956 5,873July 1998 figures include 2,415 housing in the Departmental Expenditure Limit and 3,458 for Housing Revenue Account Subsidy in Annually Managed Expenditure
—in Departmental Expenditure Limit 2,415
—in Annual Managed Expenditure 3,458

23 23

1,060 1,352

Countryside and Wildlife
122 146

Environmental Protection and Water

Local Government, regional policy and planning, of which:
31,63734,282July 1998 figure is contained at Table 9.2 on page 55 of the CSR White Paper
—Local Government331,632 34,255
—in DETR DEL to support LG and planning 27

Health and Safety Commission/Executive

Ordnance Survey
4 23July 1998 figure includes 17 for establishment of National Interest Mapping Services Agreement

DETR Administration, of which:
603 534July 1998 figure covers all DETR and agencies plus running costs of OPRAF and ORR
—Department of Enviornment4 199
—Department of Transport316
—Highways Agency66
—Office of Passenger Rail Franchising 13
—Office of the Rail Regulator9

National Roads
1,523 1,407

Rail, of which:
1,647 1,569
—Office of Passenger Rail Franchising 1,260
—Other Domestic and international rail 387

Local and Other Transport, of which:
—Local Roads122
—Other Roads46
—Credit Approvals401
—London Transport's EFR161
—Air transport-23
—Sea Transport-9
—Fuel Duty Rebate (estimate)6 [195]
—New main local transport programmes 598
—Support for Local Buses 313
—Transport programmes in London 436
—Other transport 227
—National Air Traffic System (in AME) -37

DETR reserve

Department of Environment Sub-Total38,517

Department of Transport Sub-Total4,322

Joint Total/DETR Total42,839 47,4058

1 DOE figures taken from Figure 1(a) on page 4 of the Department of Environment's Annual Report 1997 (published March 1997, Cm 3607). DOT figures taken from Figure 1 on page 2 of the Transport Report 1997 (published March 1997, Cm 3606).
2 Figures based on totals in Table 8.1 in Comprehensive Spending Review White Paper (published July 1998, Cm 4011).
3 The March 1997 plans were on the basis that £516 million of nursery education would be funded through nursery vouchers, not through grant to local government. This amount was subsequently transferred back into grant plans.
4 Includes Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre Executive Agency, PSA Services Central and Allied Serviced Buildings.
5 Includes research and development, European Regional Development Fund grants, road and local transport grants, transport security, Government Office programme expenditure and administrative expenditure, and miscellaneous services.
6 Fuel Duty Rebate fell outside the Control Total during the last administration and did not form part of their expenditure plans (it will now fall within the Departmental Expenditure Limit). However, to enable a more meaningful comparison between expenditure plans, an estimate is included here of the level of rebate likely to have been paid in 1999-2000 based on the previous administration's plans for FDR.
7 Excludes expenditure on Office of Water Services, plans for which totalled £10 million in March 1997.
8 Total includes the following from the CSR White Paper.

DETR Departmental Expenditure Limit Total (Table 8.1) 9,729
DETR Local Government and Regional Policy DEL Total (Table 9.2) 34,255
DETR components of AME—Housing Revenue Account Subsidy 3,458
—National Air Traffic System -37


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Prepared 17 August 1998