Select Committee on Health Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by the Child Migrants' Trust


INTRODUCTIONThe Trust has decided that its Preliminary Report to the Health Committee should be included as the first section of this final submission.The main themes from the Preliminary Report are developed more fully in Section 2, which forms the main body of this submission.Finally, the third section contains various appendices with supporting information and evidence relevant to both earlier sections.



1.  Child Migration—A Brief History

  Definitions and Destinations

  Migrating Agencies and Motives

  Rhetoric and Reality

  A Series of Scandals

  Safeguards and Standards

  Reaction and Responsibility

2.  The Child Migration Experience

  Identity and Illegitimacy

3.  The Present Experience

  Concerns and Citizenship

  Information and Identity

  Charities and Credibility

  Passive or Proactive

  Relatives and Reunions

  Funds and Finances

  Rights and Resources

4.  Some Proposals For Future Action


  Routes to Reunions

  Flaws and Faults

  Impartial and Independent

  Codes of Conduct

  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  Independence and Neutrality

  Protocols and Procedures

  Citizenship and Choice

  Research and Records

  Reunions and Family Relationships

  Needs and Numbers

  Awareness and Anger

  Benefits and Betrayal

  Constraints and Complaints

  Court and Convictions

  Responses and Resources

  The Present Position




  Case Study 1

  Case Study 2

  Appendix 1—Agency Liaison and Contacts

  Appendix 2—Key Milestones of the Child Migrants Trust

  Appendix 3—Global Service Provision

  Appendix 4—Research Sources

  Letter of Evidence 1—A Father's Search

  Letter of Evidence 2—A Former Child Migrant's Search

  Letter of Evidence 3—Receipt of an Agency File

  Letter of Evidence 4—A Mother's letter to her Son

  Letter of Evidence 5—Transcript of a letter to the Agency

  Letter of Evidence 6—Copy of original letter to the Agency

  Letter of Evidence 7—The Secretary of State for Health

  Letter of Evidence 8—The Prime Minister

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Prepared 10 August 1998