Select Committee on Health Minutes of Evidence


Over the past 10 years the Child Migrants Trust has developed contacts with the migrating agencies, particularly surrounding professional, procedural and protocol issues in relation to client files held by these agencies. The following lists many of the Trust's agency contacts:

— Australian Archives

— Barnardo's UK and Australia

— Big Brother Movement, NSW

— Bindoon, WA

— Castledare, WA

— Clontarf, WA

— Catholic Children's Societies UK

— Catholic Migrant Centre Perth WA

— Christian Brothers Ex-Residents' Services, Subiaco WA

— Church of England

— Crusade of Rescue, UK

— Departments of Family and Community Services, Australia

— Dhurringhile, VIC

— Father Hudson's Homes, UK

— Fairbridge, Bulawayo College, Zimbabwe

— Fairbridge, Pinjarra WA

— Fairbridge, Molong NSW

— Goodwood Orphanage, Adelaide

— Middlemore Homes, UK

— National Children's Homes, UK

— Nazareth Houses (UK and Ireland)

— Northcote, Bacchus Marsh, VIC

— Psychiatric Clinics and Hospitals

— Quarrier Homes, UK

— St John's Church of England, Melbourne, VIC

— St Mary's, Kent, UK

— Swan Homes, WA

— Tardun, WA

— UK Local Authorities

The Trust liaises not only with the former residents of the Fairbridge Farm Schools, but also with various Old Fairbridgian Associations, and allied organisations such as the University of Liverpool, England, where the files of the Fairbridge Society are housed. Thus the Trust's work with the former residents of Fairbridge in Western Australia is enhanced by the Trust's experience and knowledge of those who attended Farm Schools in New South Wales and Canada.

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Prepared 10 August 1998