Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons First Report

Wednesday 4 June 1997

Modernisation of the House of Commons,-Ordered, That a Select Committee of fifteen Members be appointed to consider how the practices and procedures of the House should be modernised, and to make recommendations thereon;

  That the Committee shall seek to make a first report to the House before the summer adjournment with its initial conclusions on ways in which the procedure for examining legislative proposals could be improved;

  That five be the Quorum of the Committee;

  That the Committee have power to send for persons, papers and records; to sit notwithstanding any adjournment of the House; to report from time to time; and to appoint specialist advisers;

  That Mr Joe Ashton, Sir Patrick Cormack, Mr Huw Edwards, Sir Peter Emery, Mr Alastair Goodlad, Mr Mike Hall, Helen Jackson, Mr Peter L. Pike, Mr Clive Soley, Rachel Squire, Dr Phyllis Starkey, Mr Andrew Stunell, Mrs Ann Taylor, Mr Paul Tyler and Mr Nicholas Winterton be members of the Committee;

  That this Order be a Standing Order of the House until the end of the present Parliament.

Wednesday 11 June 1997

  Mrs Ann Taylor was elected to the chair.

Friday 27 June 1997

  Mr Alastair Goodlad discharged; Mrs Gillian Shephard added.

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© Parliamentary copyright 1997
Prepared 29 July 1997