Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons Fourth Report



  • Extra time should be allowed for interventions in short speeches (paragraph 16).

  • The Speaker should be given discretion to impose a variable time limit on speeches (paragraph 19).

  • Details of any proposed speech limit should be put out in advance on the PDVN (paragraph 20).

  • The Speaker need be under no obligation to give precedence to Privy Councillors in debate (paragraph 28).

  • The rule banning direct quotation from speeches made in the House of Lords in the current session should be abolished (paragraph 33).

  • The constituency as well as the name of the Member who has the floor should be displayed on annunciators which are visible in the Chamber (paragraph 39).

  • The Speaker should inform a Member who has failed to observe the courtesies of debate that he or she need not expect to get priority in being called to speak (paragraph 49).

  • The absolute ban on direct quotations in supplementary questions should be lifted (paragraph 54).

  • The practice of spying strangers should be abolished, and Members should be able to claim an immediate division on a motion to proceed to the next business (paragraph 62).

  • A new procedure for raising points of order during divisions should be adopted (paragraph 65).

  • Members who are named by the Chair should lose their parliamentary salary for the period of their suspension (paragraph 69).

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© Parliamentary copyright 1998
Prepared 9 March 1998