Select Committee on Science and Technology Second Report



1. We embarked on this inquiry in the autumn of 1997 against a background of increasing concern about the potential impact of the century date change on information technology and process control systems. Our intention is to present an objective assessment of the problems and the risks posed and to make recommendations for managing those risks.

2. We would like to thank all those who provided either written or oral evidence.[1] We received 77 memoranda and took oral evidence on six occasions. We are also most grateful for the help we have received from our specialist advisers for this inquiry-Mr Roger Baker of Itemplus Consulting; Mr John Ivinson, Director of John Ivinson and Associates and the British Computing Society's spokesperson on the Year 2000 issue; and Dr Geoffrey Robinson, former Director of IBM's Hursley Laboratory and Visiting Professor of Computer Science at Southampton University.

1  For lists of witnesses and memoranda see pp. xxxviii-xl. Back

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Prepared 7 April 1998