Select Committee on Standards and Privileges First Report


Letter from Mr Ian Greer to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

  Thank you for your letter of 4 December 1996. I am grateful to you for acknowledging the difficulties in which my company and I find ourselves. Whilst you say that you will make every effort to ensure that I am not disadvantaged, I strongly believe that the Standards and Privileges Committee should make available the necessary funds to provide me with legal advice. I hope that you will feel able to once again raise this matter with them, as it is important, not only for me, but in the interests of natural justice, which I cannot believe the Committee would deny.

  To demonstrate my good faith and desire to co-operate, I am enclosing, as requested by you, my company's accounts[63] for the years ending 31 December 1986 to June 1995. May I point out that:

      (a)   These are the only accounts in my possession

      (b)   The company was incorporated in September 1985 and prior to that "traded as"

      (c)   The accounts for the period 1995-96 were in the process of being prepared, but as I cannot afford to pay the accountants, I have halted their completion.

      (d)   The "company" has been in existence for 14 years and not 15.

  I am also enclosing, as requested, a list of donations made to constituency fighting funds at the time of the 1987 and 1992 General Elections.

  I am also meeting your request to supply a list of payments made by IGA, directly or indirectly, to a Member/Member's family.

  I believe this then completes all the information that you have requested, with the exception of the submission that I promised. Owing to the circumstances in which I find myself - a total lack of resources and being unable to afford any legal advice, together with the impending liquidation of my company and serious financial difficulties - I am prevented from making a submission.

  You wrote to me concerning the addresses of witnesses. May I strongly urge you to call Mr Royston Webb, Mr Fayed's former in-house legal adviser. He has an intimate and thorough knowledge of the public affairs programme that my company undertook on behalf of Harrods/House of Fraser. He was also responsible for briefing Members of Parliament and the drafting of Parliamentary Questions and Motions for Mr Dale Campbell-Savours, MP and others. In addition to his legal duties, my company's invoices were sent to him for authorisation before payment. As a former senior employee of Mr Fayed, I have no doubt that either he, or Mr Michael Cole, will be willing and able to provide you with his contact details.

  May I tell you how dissatisfied I am with the lack of progress which the Inquiry appears to be making. I feel it is iniquitous that I should be forced into a position where I have to supply information to enable you to start an Inquiry into my conduct and that of others, when Mr Fayed and The Guardian have failed to come forward with any allegations.

Ian Greer

10 December 1996


  In 1987 I received donations from DHL International, in the sum of £11,250 and from Mr Fayed in the sum of £18,000.

  The donors were not made known to the recipients, nor were the recipients made known to the donors. This ensured that there was neither anticipation nor expectation on either part.

  I have raised money for the Conservative Party for many years; indeed, politics has been my life since the age of 16. I was the youngest professional Conservative Agent at one time and appreciate, more than most, how difficult it is to raise money in preparation for election campaigns, especially at a Constituency level.

  It should be noted that all Parliamentary candidates raise money from a number of sources at the time of an election. The Labour Party, in the main, from local unions and the Conservatives, from local businessmen.

  When I left the employment of the Conservative Party and started my own business, it was common for candidates from both the main parties, particularly the Conservative Party, to ask me whether the companies I advised would consider making a donation to their constituency election campaign fund raising efforts. For the sake of clarity, many large businesses make donations to the Parties' national campaigns. Both DHL International and Mr Fayed made such donations. In addition however, they acceded to my request to make donations to enable grassroots campaigning.

  The donors were happy to allow me to assess and select which constituency fighting funds should receive financial support - some were long standing friends and others were in marginal seats. As the company grew and developed, I was happy to make donations, at the request of my directors and staff, who supported either the Labour or Liberal Democrat Parties.

  In 1992, my company donated funds to constituency campaigns. I made no appeal to industry.

Ian Greer Associates Limited

PPC 1987 electionConstituency Association fighting fund*Amount donated £
Lynda ChalkerWallasey1,977.64
Nirj DevaHammersmith750.00
Ken WarrenHasting and Rye500.00
Robert AtkinsSouth Ribble500.00
Gerard VaughanReading East500.00
Ian WrigglesworthStockton South500.00
Alan BeithBerwick upon Tweed500.00
Richard HolmeCheltenham500.00
David MellorPutney500.00
Malcolm ThorntonCrosby500.00
David TrippierRossendale and Darwen1,000.00
Michael PortilloEnfield Southgate500.00
Gerry BowdenDulwich500.00
John LeePendle500.00
Michael HirstStrathkelvin and Bearsden500.00
Norman TebbitChingford500.00
Colin MoynihanLewisham East925.18
Tony DurantReading West500.00
Doug HoyleWarrington North500.00
Stan CrowtherRotherham250.00
Neil ThorneIlford South500.00
David ShawDover500.00
John MooreCroydon Central1,367.00
Gerry MaloneAberdeen South1,000.00
Andrew Bowden Brighton Kemptown Office Equipment
Norman LamontKingston and Malden2,000.00
* To be read in conjunction with attached note "Donations to constituency election fighting funds".

Other election expenditure:
United and Cecil Club - Election donation: £90.
Businessmen for Britain (CCO campaign): £690 (IGA telephone, postage, etc.).
Election result analysis (IGA): £4,229.
Staff disbursements to cover staff travel, food, etc., in Conservative, Labour, and Liberal constituencies: £1,000.

PPC 1992 election Constituency Association fighting fund* Amount donated £
Chris SmithIslington South and Finsbury250
Gwyneth DunwoodyCrewe and Nantwich250
Neil Thorne Ilford South250
Lynda ChalkerWallasey250
Robert AtkinsSouth Ribble250
Alan BeithBerwick upon Tweed250
*To be read in conjunction with attached note "Donations to constituency election fighting funds".


Members of Parliament

Neil Hamilton, MP

1988-89: Two commission payments in respect of two client referrals.
No donations to constituency election fighting fund.

Michael Brown, MP
1988-89: One Commission payment for a client referral.
No donations to constituency election fighting fund.

Michael Grylls, MP
Please see my letter of 14 October 1996.
No donations to constituency election fighting fund.
You mention in your letter other Members who might be "involved": Tim Smith, MP
No commission payments for client referrals.
No donations to constituency election fighting fund.

Sir Peter Hordern MP
No commission payments for client referrals.
No donations to constituency election fighting fund.

Sir Andrew Bowden, MP
No commission payments for client referrals.
1987: Donation to constituency election fighting fund.
1988: IGA lecture fee 1989: European research and speech writing Lady Olga Maitland, MP
January/February 1992: (prior to the June 1992 General Election). Fee for assistance on the recovery of a foreign debt.
No commission payments for client referrals.
No donation to constituency election fighting fund.

Gerry Malone, MP
No commission payments for client referrals.
1987: Donation to constituency election fighting fund.

SPOUSES: Mr Robin Hay (husband of Lady Olga Maitland)
1994: One commission payment for a client referral.

I make reference to these former Members in particular, as The Guardian has sought to make much about commission payments to them, despite the fact that they had or were just in the process of retiring from the House.

Sir Peter Morrison:
1993-94: (left the House in 1992): Two commission payments, perhaps three, for client referrals.

Walter Johnson
1983: retirement gift.

IGA Payments Schedule

General Election - 11 June 1987 - Expenses

1987  DBCRBalance
May 19 SDE 24 11,250.00 
30Cash Receipts from M FayedBR 37 18,000.00 
11Hammersmith Conservative AssociationCBP 28750.00  
12Ken Warren Election Fighting FundCBP 29500.00  
 Robert Atkins Election Fighting Fund/500.00  
 Gerry Vaughan Election Fighting Fund/500.00  
 Ian Wrigglesworth Election Fighting Fund/500.00  
 Alan Beith Election Fighting Fund/500.00  
 David Mellor Election Fighting Fund/500.00  
12Malcolm Thornton Election Fighting Fund/500.00  
 David Trippier Election Fighting FundCBP 301,000.00  
 Neil Thorne Election Fighting Fund/500.00  
 Michael Portillo Election Fighting Fund/500.00  
 Gerry Bowden Election Fighting Fund/500.00  
 John Lee Election Fighting Fund/500.00  
 Michael Hirst Election Fighting Fund/500.00  
 Norman Tebbit Election Fighting Fund/1,000.00  
 Lewisham and Deptford Conservative Association/250.00  
 Tony Durant Election Fighting Fund/500.00  
 Doug Hoyle Election Fighting Fund/500.00  
 Stan Crowther Election Fighting Fund/250.00 (19,000,00)
 Year's expert services88010,250.0029,250.00 
June 10Recruit C Moynihan temp secretary14260.81  
1, 7Recruit C Moynihan temp secretary/414.37  
2David Shaw Election Fighting FundCBP 31500.00  
 United and Cecil Club 90.00  
1Croydon Central ConservativesCBP 321,000.00  
5Gerry Malone Election Fighting FundCBP 331,000.00  
29Kingston and Maldon Conservative Association/2,000.00  
30Visuals for Literature of J Moore MP - Design5367.00  
   Election expenses
 Expenses paid after date of Election 6,319.9027(6,847.90)
 Accruals (paid 13/7, £1,000+ £5,319.90) 1,203.3827.7/3(5,644.50)
 Document J 774.2627.7/4(4,870.20)
 Document L 4,229.0027.7/5(641.20)
 The Cheltenham Lib Campaign 500 (141.60)

63   Not printed. Back

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Prepared 8 July 1997