Select Committee on Standards and Privileges First Report


Letter from the Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC, MP to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

  Thank you very much for your recent letter regarding the enquiry you are carrying out into allegations against Mr Neil Hamilton and other Members. I am afraid that I did not see the recent television programme on Channel4 and I have not kept any notes which might enable me to refresh my memory about the lobbying against the proposed prohibition on the sale of Skoal Bandits.

  I certainly remember being lobbied vigorously by Neil Hamilton, who was very indignant about the prohibition. I think that Michael Brown and others were also involved, but I cannot remember his part so clearly. I do not think that I was ever aware that any of the Members of Parliament who lobbied me had financial connections with the companies involved. I am afraid, however, that my memory of events is not particularly clear, except that I remember the vigour with which Mr Hamilton pursued his campaign. I do not think that my recollection of events is so clear that I wish to make any complaint myself, or press this as any evidence against the MPs concerned. They were certainly very ferocious in their private protests!

19 February 1997

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Prepared 8 July 1997