Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report


Letters to the Chairman of the previous Committee on Standards and Privileges
from Mr George Galloway MP

  Herewith the Bank Statements as requested. As you will see the facts square with my recollection.

  Please note that the `payments in' represent the original investments and contributions by one of the Directors Mr Basem Al-Masri towards the mobile bills.

  With best wishes.

27 January 1997

  I have now had the chance (having paid for the privilege) of studying my Visa Card records going back to September 1994.

  Or course it is impossible to say with absolute certainty what each and every transaction from that long ago represents. But for the Committee's interest, I list herewith transactions which strike me as having been likely to have been paid by me, by Visa, and reimbursed by Dr Sa'ad and Al Fagih of the CDLR.

19/5/95 British Airways £120.00
26/5/96 Open Flight Ltd £490.00
31/5/95 James Richardson Ltd £ 95.15
27/9/95 British Airways £122.00
28/9/95 British Airways £ 91.00
11/11/95 Open Flight Ltd £553.90
30/11/95 American Express £135.00
12/12/95 Open Flight Ltd £824.00
19/2/96 American Express £ 30.00
26/2/96 Sime Malloch Ltd £440.62

  In addition to these, I enclose copy of a receipt from the Morning Star for £100 which I paid and for which I was reimbursed. Also a receipt from Tribune which I paid and for which I was reimbursed.

  In November of 1995 I paid for a similar advertisement in the Glasgow Herald. Their records do not go back far enough to furnish details, but if someone wished to they could find it in the reference library.

  At some time over that period, I placed a similar advertisement in the Guardian advertising a rally in the House of Commons under the banner "Massari Must Stay". The Guardian have not responded to my request for details despite a reminder but should they do so I will of course let you know. I paid that bill and was reimbursed.

  On the 29th April 1995 I organised a conference in the House of Commons Members Dining Room. The bill from the refreshments department was £2023.58. I paid that bill and was reimbursed. I do not know when, and the Refreshments Department are trying to check. I enclose a copy of the bill.

  I may also have placed some advertisements in the press around the time although not for very much - £100 or £200 at the most. I would have been reimbursed for those.

  Should you wish to inspect my Visa statements I am happy to let you do so but I am not willing to circulate them for the obvious reason that they are private and confidential.

  Although I know that I am repeating myself, I wish to state once again that retracing my steps in this way has been expensive, both financially and in terms of my (and your) parliamentary time. I really do hope the provision of this information brings this matter to a close.

  With best wishes.

27 January 1997

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© Parliamentary copyright 1997
Prepared 28 July 1997