Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Seventh Report


Thursday 31 July 1997

Members present:

Mr Robert Sheldon, in the Chair        

Mr Peter Bottomley[6]Mr Tom Levitt
Mr Dale Campbell-SavoursMr Terry Lewis
Mr Quentin DaviesShona McIsaac[7]
Mr Michael Foster (Hastings & Rye)Miss Ann Widdecombe
Mr Charles Kennedy

  Draft Report [Complaints from Mr Mohamed Al Fayed, The Guardian and others against 25 Members and Former Members: Further Report], proposed by the Chairman, brought up and read.

  Ordered, That the draft Report be read a second time, paragraph by paragraph.

  Paragraphs 1 to 26 read and agreed to.

  Resolved, That the Report be the Seventh Report to the House.

  Ordered, That the Chairman do make the Report to the House.

  [Adjourned till Tuesday 5th August at half past Two o'clock.

6  Mr Bottomley withdrew from proceedings relating directly to Sir Michael Grylls. Back

7  Shona McIsaac withdrew from proceedings relating directly to Mr Michael Brown. Back

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© Parliamentary copyright 1997
Prepared 31 July 1997