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Standing Committee Debates on Bills

Here you can browse House of Commons Standing Committee debates, including Membership details and the latest version of the Bill where appropriate for 1997-98.

  Session 1997-98
*Animal Health Amendment Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Bank of England Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Standing Committee A)
*Chamber of Commerce (Protection of Title) Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Competition Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee G)
*Crime and Disorder Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee B)
*Data Protection Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee D)
*Education (Student Loans) Bill (Standing Committee A)
*Energy Conservation (Housing) Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Energy Efficiency Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Finance Bill (Standing Committee A)
*Finance (No. 2) Bill (Standing Committee E)
*Fireworks Bill (Standing Committee A)
*Fossil Fuel Levy Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee D)
*Late Payment of Commercial Depts (Interest) Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee F)
*Licencing (Amendment) Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Local Authority Tenders Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Local Government (Contracts) Bill (Standing Committee B)
*Local Government Finance (Supplementary Credit Approvals) Bill (Standing Committee A)
*Magistrates' Courts (Procedure) Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee D)
*National Lottery Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee A)
*National Minimum Wage Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Northern Ireland (Emergency Provisions) Bill (Standing Committee A)
*Nuclear Explosions (Prohibition and Inspections) Bill (Standing Committee E)
*Pesticides Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Police (Northern Ireland) Bill (Standing Committee B)
*Private Vehicles (London) Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Public Interest Disclosure Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Public Processions (Northern Ireland) Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee B)
*Regional Development Agencies Bill (Standing Committee E)
*Registration of Political Parties Bill (Standing Committee A)
*Road Traffic Reduction (United Kingdom Targets) Bill (Standing Committee E)
*Social Security Bill (Standing Committee B)
*School Standards and Framework Bill (Standing Committee A)
*Special Immigration Appeals Commission Bill [LORDS] (Standing Committee D)
*Teaching and Higher Education Bill [LORDS] (Standing Committee F)
*Waste Minimisation Bill (Standing Committee A)
*Weights and Measures (Beer and Cider) Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Wild Mammals (Hunting With Dogs) Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Wireless Telegraphy Bill [LORDS] (Standing Committee A)

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