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Health Authority Funding (West Midlands)

Mr. Jenkins: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will list for each health authority in (a) the West Midlands and (b) shire counties (i) the total funding allocation for health services and (ii) the funding per capita for (1) 1996-97 and (2) 1997-98. [68332]

Mr. Denham: The information requested is shown in the table.

For the per capita figures crude populations have been used. No account has been taken of the differences in age or other factors which influence the allocations which have been made.

1 Feb 1999 : Column: 525

Health authority1996-97 final cash limit £000Population 000s1996-97 funding per capita £
West Midlands
Birmingham Health Authority560,7141,008556
Coventry Health Authority156,033300520
Dudley Health Authority139,518314444
Herefordshire Health Authority80,943166488
North Staffordshire Health Authority242,022476508
Sandwell Health Authority167,687293572
Shropshire Health Authority189,099424446
Solihull Health Authority107,132201533
South Staffordshire Health Authority269,486587459
Walsall Health Authority126,240264478
Warwickshire Health Authority278,731499559
Wolverhampton Health Authority122,502244502
Worcester Health Authority254,061542469
Avon Health Authority481,077982490
Bedfordshire Health Authority238,995550435
Berkshire Health Authority344,651779442
Buckinghamshire Health Authority299,560674444
Cambridge and Huntingdon Health Authority193,472459422
Cornwall and Isle of Scilly Health Authority244,556489500
County Durham Health Authority322,967609530
Dorset Health Authority348,685683511
East and North Hertfordshire Health Authority240,453490491
East Lancashire Health Authority270,795513528
East Kent Health Authority314,507590533
East Norfolk Health Authority309,456621498
East Riding Health Authority288,988577497
East Surrey Health Authority231,620410565
East Sussex, Brighton and Hove Health Authority398,045728547
Gloucestershire Health Authority261,482554472
Isle of Wight Health Authority78,676125629
Leicestershire Health Authority427,267927461
Lincolnshire Health Authority309,385616502
Morecambe Bay Health Authority166,678311536
North West Lancashire Health Authority262,151468560
North and East Devon Health Authority244,502473517
North and Mid Hampshire Health Authority242,913546445
North Cheshire Health Authority158,330310511
North Cumbria Health Authority156,289319490
North Derbyshire Health Authority189,999377504
North Essex Health Authority399,569875457
North Nottinghamshire Health Authority182,067392464
North West Anglia Health Authority190,711411464
North Yorkshire Health Authority350,923737476
Northamptonshire Health Authority273,675608450
Northumberland Health Authority164,590311529
Oxfordshire Health Authority263,933603438
Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Health Authority242,890533456
South Lancashire Health Authority148,081312475
Somerset Health Authority228,424485471
South Cheshire Health Authority324,095672482
South and West Devon Health Authority300,913592508
South Derbyshire Health Authority279,009554504
South Essex Health Authority320,552701457
South Humber Health Authority157,602317497
Southhampton and South West Hampshire Health Authority256,688533482
Suffolk Health Authority299,969663452
Tees Health Authority278,354558499
West Hertfordshire Health Authority268,209518518
West Kent Health Authority457,217964474

1 Feb 1999 : Column: 527

1 Feb 1999 : Column: 527

Health authority1997-98 final cash limit £000Population 000s1997-98 funding per capita £
West Midlands
Birmingham Health Authority583,9361,016575
Coventry Health Authority170,088301565
Dudley Health Authority149,339314476
Herefordshire Health Authority88,607166534
North Staffordshire Health Authority262,359475552
Sandwell Health Authority180,831293617
Shropshire Health Authority202,587427474
Solihull Health Authority111,409203549
South Staffordshire Health Authority283,562588482
Walsall Health Authority136,755263520
Warwickshire Health Authority286,325502570
Wolverhampton Health Authority131,887243543
Worcester Health Authority268,004537499
Avon Health Authority514,405989520
Bedfordshire Health Authority251,206552455
Berkshire Health Authority373,403794470
Buckinghamshire Health Authority316,000681464
Cambridge and Huntingdon Health Authority202,555456444
Cornwall and Isle of Scilly Health Authority256,486490523
County Durham Health Authority335,707609551
Dorset Health Authority376,612690546
East and North Hertfordshire Health Authority256,160495517
East Lancashire Health Authority292,617512572
East Kent Health Authority331,487595557
East Norfolk Health Authority324,385624520
East Riding Health Authority302,002582519
East Surrey Health Authority245,548412596
East Sussex, Brighton and Hove Health Authority429,400735584
Gloucestershire Health Authority276,951560495
Isle of Wight Health Authority81,035126643
Leicestershire Health Authority454,262934486
Lincolnshire Health Authority328,866622529
Morecambe Bay Health Authority181,637311584
North West Lancashire Health Authority270,973470577
North and East Devon Health Authority258,273476543
North and Mid Hampshire Health Authority255,126549465
North Cheshire Health Authority167,563312537
North Cumbria Health Authority167,232319524
North Derbyshire Health Authority198,239376527
North Essex Health Authority424,367885480
North Nottinghamshire Health Authority195,658389503
North West Anglia Health Authority203,836413494
North Yorkshire Health Authority372,067741502
Northamptonshire Health Authority291,851610478
Northumberland Health Authority174,657310563
Oxfordshire Health Authority280,849609461
Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Health Authority259,543538482
South Lancashire Health Authority158,068311508
Somerset Health Authority242,363488497
South Cheshire Health Authority339,310674503
South and West Devon Health Authority318,677594536
South Derbyshire Health Authority294,228559526
South Essex Health Authority348,101704494
South Humber Health Authority172,232313550
Southhampton and South West Hampshire Health Authority282,569541522
Suffolk Health Authority317,614667476
Tees Health Authority301,712534565
West Hertfordshire Health Authority284,245525541
West Kent Health Authority477,088967493


1. Final cash limit is the sum of the initial cash limit plus all in year adjustments. Cash limit adjustments in respect of the temporary loan of cash limits to other authorities have been excluded.

2. Health authorities are not co-terminous with local authorities. The list of health authorities under "other" is intended to broadly equate to shire counties. It excludes health authorities whose areas mainly relate to metropolitan councils and London boroughs.

3. The 1996-97 population figures used are mid-year population projections based on 1993 estimates. The 1997-98 population figures used are mid-year population projections based on 1995 estimates.

1 Feb 1999 : Column: 529

1 Feb 1999 : Column: 529

Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Mr. David Taylor: To ask the Secretary of State for Health which health authorities fund the use of stereotactic radiosurgery; and what constraints are imposed by him in respect of the funding of clinical procedures capable of being classified as in the realms of research. [67709]

Mr. Hutton: Stereotactic radiosurgery is available in eight of some fifty radiotherapy centres in the United Kingdom. The technique is well established for certain

1 Feb 1999 : Column: 530

well-defined conditions which would be expected to occur in patients spread fairly evenly across all health authorities. Health authorities make resource allocation decisions according to local priorities.

We encourage National Health Service bodies to undertake experimental treatments only within an evaluative framework. Any decisions to fund experimental treatments as research will be influenced by their importance to the health service and assessments on the value of the research.

1 Feb 1999 : Column: 531

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