Select Committee on Defence First Special Report

Membership and Staff

19. The following Members were appointed to the Committee on 14 July 1997: Mr Crispin Blunt, Mr Julian Brazier, Mr Menzies Campbell, Mr Jamie Cann, Mr Harry Cohen, Mr Michael Colvin , Mr Bruce George, Mr Jimmy Hood, Mr John McWilliam, Mrs Laura Moffatt and Ms Dari Taylor. Mr Bruce George was elected Chairman at the Committee's first meeting on 16 July 1997. There are seven Labour members, three Conservative members and one Liberal Democrat member. The membership of the Committee remained unchanged over the Session. A record of Members' participation levels in Committee activities is at Annex E.[15]

20. Specialist Advisers are appointed to elucidate matters of complexity within the Committee's order of reference. Some are appointed for the duration of particular inquiries; others advise in more general terms. The following were appointed as Specialist Advisers to the Committee during the course of the Session: Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Alcock; Professor Michael Clarke, Executive Director, Centre for Defence Studies, Kings College, University of London; Rear Admiral Richard Cobbold, Director, Royal United Services Institute; Professor Keith Hartley, Director, Centre for Defence Economics, University of York; Andrew Keeling; Dr David Kirkpatrick, Defence Engineering Group, University College London; Jane Sharp, Centre for Defence Studies, Kings College, University of London and Major General Peter Sheppard. The cost of their fees and expenses amounted to £22,963.15 (fees £19,749.73; expenses £3,213.42). Our team of Advisers have been chosen to represent a broad range of expertise within the Committee's field of inquiry. They include the heads of three major institutes working on defence and security issues. They include a civilian and former military engineer and two economists, as well as experts in all three of the Services. At an annual cost of less than half the salary of a senior academic, we believe they represent extraordinary good value for money to the public purse. We are grateful to them for the time and expertise they have given to the Committee in return for a very modest pecuniary reward. We shall continue to build on our team of advisers in the current session. The Committee has also enjoyed the unstinting support of its five full-time staff. They were: Committee Clerk: Mr A R Kennon (until 30 September 1997), Mr P A Evans (from 1 October 1997); Ms S McGlashan, Assistant Clerk; Mr A M Kidner, Senior Clerk (seconded from NAO until 30 September 1997); Mr S T Fiander, Senior Clerk (Seconded from NAO from 1 October 1997); Mr J H Davies, Higher Executive Officer; and Mrs K E Watling, Secretary.

15  Members also participate in a number of delegations to international bodies relating to defence and security issues-Mr George is a delegate to the North Atlantic Assembly (NAA) and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE); Mr Campbell is a delegate to the NAA; Mr Cohen is a delegate to the NAA; Mr Colvin is a delegate to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Western European Union. Back

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Prepared 10 March 1999