Select Committee on Defence First Special Report




23-26 February 1998

Monday 23 February

7.15am    Breakfast meeting hosted by Mr Stephen Wright, Minister

8.30am    Visit National Command Center, Department of Defense

9.30am   Call on Vice Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joe Ralston

10.30am  Meeting at the Department of Defense (Procurement and Acquisition)

1.30pm    Meeting with The Hon John Hamre, Deputy Secretary for Defense and others

4.00pm    Meeting at State Department

Tuesday 24 February

9.00am    Briefing on the National Guard, to cover the State and Federal National Guard and their involvement in Bosnia

9.30am    Meeting to discuss Gulf War Illnesses; Chaired by Dr Bernard Rosker, Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Gulf War Illnesses including representatives from the following Department of Defense Departments: Office of the Assistant Secretary of State for Defense, Health Affairs, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Surgeon General, General Accounting Office, Department of Veterans Affairs, Senate Veterans Affairs Committee

1.30pm    Meeting with members of the National Defense Panel

4.30pm    Meeting with members of the Senate Armed Services Committee

Wednesday 25 February

8.00am    Meeting with Major General (Select) Leslie Kenne Director, Joint Strike Fighter Progamme Office

10.30am  US Marine Corps presentation at Quantico

3.00pm    US/Crest. Discussion on Defence Reform

Thursday 26 February

9.30am    Discussions at the RAND Corporation

12.00pm  Lunch hosted by Techmatics Inc., including briefings of Future of Naval Warfare.

2.00pm    Meetings at the Central Intelligence Agency

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Prepared 10 March 1999