Select Committee on Defence First Report


22. Training for Sponsored Reserves will vary according to the task they are asked to perform. However, the Regulations state that "it is essential that all Sponsored Reserve personnel are sufficiently well trained in military skills to function in an operational environment without endangering or being a liability to other military personnel."[79] Whilst we welcome such training for Sponsored Reserves, we remain concerned that Sponsored Reservists could not, in extremis, be expected to serve as infantrymen.[80] We look to the MoD to ensure that the military training given to Sponsored Reserves is appropriate and relevant to the task; in particular with regard to their proximity to the front line.

79   Sponsored Reserve Regulations Chapter 2 2.034 Back

80   Eighth Report, Session 1997-98, The Strategic Defence Review, HC138-I, para 273 Back

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Prepared 11 February 1999