Select Committee on Defence First Report

Reorganisation of the Territorial and Auxiliary Volunteer Reserve Associations

37. Whereas the MoD's announcement gave details on the restructuring of the TA, it did not provide the same level of detail on the future structure of the TAVRAs. In supporting documents the MoD stated that—

The TAVRAs will continue in their role as an essential component of the structure for supporting Reserve Forces and Cadets. They will be consulted further on how to take forward the conclusions of the Strategic Defence Review on their numbers and relationship with the Army's regional command structure.[122]

38. In evidence the TAVRAs told us that this consultation would take the form of a working group which will be set up to look at the future of the Associations. The working group will report to the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Defence, and it is hoped that it will be able to present its conclusions by 1st April.[123] As to who would chair the working group, the Minister of State for the Armed Forces declared a preference for a joint chair, with TAVRA interests and land command interests represented.[124] The composition of the working group had yet to be finalised but the Minister told us that it would probably include the Command Secretary of Land Command and representatives of Land Command, the Vice Chairman of the TAVRAs and TAVRA representatives, and representatives of other military interests .[125] The TAVRAs warmly welcomed this initiative. Colonel Putnam said—

... we thought that was a very significant advance of a situation we found ourselves in before the TAVRAC (Territorial and Auxiliary Volunteer Reserve Advisory Council)[126] meeting yesterday and I have to say we are quite pleased at the outcome. Hopefully it will produce the answers that we need and certainly it will give us a chance to sort out and explain again the benefits of what we do, the structure that we need.[127]

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126   The TAVRAC is a formal meeting between the TAVRAs and the MoD. It meets twice a year and is chaired by a Minister.  Back

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