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Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 17 May 1999.

MONDAY 17 MAY 1999

Members present:

Ms Candy Atherton
Mr John Healey
Mr Paul Keetch
Judy Mallaber

(In the absence of the Chairman, Mr Paul Keetch was called to the Chair)


Memorandum by The Local Government Association and The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities

Examination of Witnesses

MR GARETH BOTT, Head of Revenue Services, Ashfield (Private/Voluntary Sector Pilot), MR PAUL LAUTMAN, Head of Housing Group, Local Government Association, MR BARRY SHEARING, Deputy Head of Financial Services, Chelmsford (Basic Model Pilot), MR DAVID GARY, Chief Revenues Officer, Taunton Deane (Call Centre Pilot), and MR MICHAEL DURKAN, Head of Advice & Benefits, Leeds (Private/Voluntary Sector Pilot), Local Government Association, and MR NORMAN MACKENZIE, East Renfrewshire Council, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities, examined.

Question Numbers

184 - 199

200 - 219

220 - 226

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Prepared 16 July 1999