Select Committee on Environmental Audit Second Report


  27. The Committee considers the prospect of climate change is the single most significant and hence pressing environmental concern facing the UK Government and governments round the world. In its Fourth Report the Committee urged that what was now required in the international community and at home was action to deliver against commitments to reduce emissions.[60] The Committee now welcomes the Government's obvious will to deliver reductions in emissions and takes this opportunity to encourage the Government to be ambitious in deciding on its final programme and to do what it can to engage the whole of society in appropriate actions.

28. The Committee would, however, counsel against premature celebration in the UK arising from its likely ability to achieve its binding target for this commitment period. The Committee would stress that even the commitments agreed at Kyoto represent only a small first step compared to what will be needed in the 21st century. Therefore what matters is that the UK plays its part in ensuring that the international community as a whole delivers the agreed reductions in emissions now and agrees to further reductions thereafter. In the light of this the Committee envisages returning to the subject of Climate Change regularly to discuss progress with Government and where appropriate make recommendations on the way forward.

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Prepared 12 February 1999