Select Committee on Environmental Audit Third Report


50. In the Spring of 1999 departments will be putting together investment strategies showing how they will use their capital productively to deliver their objectives and these will form part of the Public Service Agreements. We asked whether this would also be an opportunity for the Treasury to consider sustainable development implications before allocating funds from the Capital Modernisation Fund. They replied that although the strategies will be approved by the Treasury they are not so much an instrument of Treasury control as a management tool for departments themselves. However, they did also say that bids for funding must be supported by an appraisal and that they would draw attention in the guidance on making bids to the need to make all costs and benefits transparent in this appraisal, including any impact on the environment.[70]

51. We welcome the Treasury's decision to incorporate consideration of environmental impacts in their consideration of bids for capital funding. We urge them to take this further opportunity to ensure that in their Departmental Investment Strategies departments sign up to and have plans to deliver targets for energy efficiency and dealing with contaminated land.

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Prepared 16 February 1999