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Further Memorandum submitted by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions

  The Committee has asked for an explanation of the reference which the Chief Secretary made to "1.1 billion extra for integrated transport strategy", when he gave evidence to the committee on Wednesday 9 December 1998. In connection with this the Clerk of the committee has asked for a back-run of figures in order to address concerns over the proportion of this money that is actually dedicated to local road improvements, as opposed to public transport.

  The £1.1 billion extra provision to which the Chief Secretary referred relates to a certain number of DETR programmes, including support for local authorities' transport plans and for public transport, the expenditure profiles of which will rise between 1999-2000 and 2000-01. These are listed in the attached table (Annex A), which shows past expenditure and estimates of future provision.

  As shown in the table at Annex A the figure of £1.1 billion extra included anticipated increases in expenditure on local authority transport capital, excluding forecast expenditure on principal road carriageway maintenance (which is anticipated to total around £300 million between 1999-2000 and 2000-01). A detailed breakdown of the historic allocation made for local transport capital was given in answer to Parliamentary Question by Mr. Jenkin, (Hansard 25 January, column no. 32), a copy of which is attached at Annex B. Full details of DETR's expenditure plans will be contained in the Department's Annual Report, to be published this spring.

  The Department issued a Press Release announcing the results of the transport CSR on 20 July which set out broad expenditure plans for all the main transport programmes, within which the increases identified in the attached table will take place. The total increase of £1.8 billion referred to in that Press Release included the £1.1 billion described above, while the remaining £700 million related to extra resources for the maintenance of trunk roads, motorways and local authority roads.


Breakdown of £1.1 billion extra allocated to local and public transport

£ million

Trans-European Networks (TENS)1 13528 395457
Travel Awareness Campaign355
Commission for Integrated Transport222
Airport White Paper Studies010
Rail Passenger Partnership and Infrastructure203550
Promoting Green Transport Plans288
Freight Grants (Rail)4 34152940505254
Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL)428224318478334448254
Bus Fuel Duty Rebate (England only)182185190188188224276318383
Local Transport Capital Settlement2874735819744656543528599836
Additional funding (using 1998-99 as baseline)95253760
Cumulative additional funding (1998-99 baseline) 953481,109
Total additional funding for local and public transport programmes (compared to 1998-99 baseline)1,109
1 DETR is required to provide public expenditure cover for all transport trans-European Network (TEN) receipts from the EU. The figures for future years are based upon the Department's best estimate of what the overall EU TEN budget might be (this is under discussion as part of the Agenda 2000 negotiations) and what share of that budget it might be reasonable to expect to receive.
2 The figures for the Local Transport Capital Settlement exclude any expenditure/funding for Principal Road Carriageway maintenance (see Annex B). The figures up to and including 1999-2000 reflect the actual allocation of funds. The splits between principal road carriageway maintenance and other local transport projects for the years 2000-01 and 2001-02 are based on estimates, actual allocation will depend on future decisions, following the submission of bids made by Local Authorities.
Totals may not sum due to rounding.



Date: — Monday 25 January 1999

Volume: — 324

Column: — 32


  Mr. Jenkin: to ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions (1) if he will publish a table showing total local authority capital expenditure allocations for transport for the year 1999-2000; and for each of the previous eight years:[65242]

  (2) if he will publish a table indicating local authority transport capital expenditure allocations for existing commitments and new major schemes; and the equivalent figures for each of the previous eight years.[65243]

  Ms Glenda Jackson [holding answer 11 January 1999]: As part of our commitment to integrated transport policies as set out in "A New Deal for Transport Better for Everyone", in the 1999-2000 local transport capital settlement we increased support to local transport packages, local safety schemes and the maintenance of highways and bridges. We also reintroduced funding for rural and non-package minor works, which had been suspended for the two previous settlements. The information is shown in the following table.

Local transport capital settlements1

£ million

Allocation category1991-921992-931993-941994-951995-961996-971997-981998-991999-00
Principal road carriageway maintenance0 95173151141869080113
Bridge assessment and strengthening91111137137117101110100128
Local safety schemes0 00505055605060
Local authority packages0 001064797985135
Minor works75891156064400025
Grant reduction for previous underspends-48-54-64 -67-67-40 -16-7-4
Existing commitments2561522529431485463407308173
New major schemes41619347396006
1 Total for 1990-2000 excludes support for European Regional Development Fund grant (£26 million in 1998-99), which is now funded separately from the local transport capital settlement.
2 Support for Croydon Tramlink and South Yorkshire Supertram.

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