Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary Memorandum by the Chamber of Shipping (FUS 21A)


  By new cadets I meant cadets recruited in the financial year from April, 1998 to March, 1999. Our information was based on a telephone survey of our members.

  The figures on which my estimate was based was 519 British nationals already recruited as deck or engineer officer cadets and 41 more being sought—of which companies felt that nine or 10 would actually be found—plus about 30 Irish nationals (who are treated exactly as UK citizens except that they do not qualify for UK Government assistance unless resident in the UK). It was on this basis that I came to a total of about 560 cadets, of which 550 have been recruited to date. The principal recruiters are:

CompanyCadets recruited

Clyde Marine Training(128)
The Ship Safe Training Group(123)
P&O Group(69)
Shell Marine(43)
BP Shipping(40)
Royal Fleet Auxiliary(27)
The Maersk Co(25)
Trinity House(20)
12 other companies(75)


  Clyde Marine Training is a company acting on behalf of a number of medium-sized companies. The Ship Safe Training Group is a consortium of smaller companies mainly operating in the coastal and offshore oil sectors of the industry. Trinity House cadets will mainly serve on the ships of commercial shipping companies and are funded as part of Trinity House's charitable activities. There are therefore considerably more companies involved in training than the 20 listed above.

  Our President has written to your Chairman, Mrs Dunwoody, enclosing a table describing recent recruitment numbers. The figures given for the current year are based on the information given above.

  I should perhaps add that from 1989 until last April, the Chamber managed the GAFT and DOCS schemes under contract to the MCA. For these years the figures sent by our President are based on all companies who qualified for funding under those schemes, plus the RFA. In April, 1998 we decided not to bid to administer the new SMarT scheme so our information is based on a survey of our members, which include the RFA, Clyde Marine and the Ship Safe Training Group. It is possible that there are non-Chamber companies who are training that we do not know about.

  The company information given above was collected for assimilation into an industry total. I am passing it on to you as quickly as I can in order to assist the Committee's understanding of the position. But should the Committee wish to publish company names I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to seek their consent as their information was not sought by us for publication.

J Lusted

Deputy Director-General

10 February 1999

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Prepared 8 June 1999