Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by British Maritime Technology Limited (FUS 24)


  I write as Chairman of the Marine Foresight Panel and as Chairman of British Maritime Technology Ltd in response to your call for written memoranda on the future of the UK shipping industry. The shipping industry contributes in value added terms some £2 billion to the UK GDP, the shipbuilding, repair and equipment industries a further £3 billion and the ports a further £800 million.

  These economic facts, together with the employment created and since over 90 per cent of goods exported from the UK travel by sea, make a good enough case on its own for the fostering of the shipping industry. Indeed, in the Marine Foresight Panel we are currently studying the feasibility of a sophisticated modelling technique to apply to the integrated transportation of goods.

  Many countries give tax breaks, assistance with training, etc., and these, together with safety and environmental requirements, form part of the package for partnership between the industry and government.

David Goodrich


2 December 1998

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Prepared 8 June 1999