Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Letter to the Clerk of the Committee from the Joint Hull Committee (FUS 31)


  I am aware that the Transport Sub-committee has recently been carrying out an investigation into the current status of the UK shipping industry and its future potential. I hope that the following comments will serve to register our interest in this matter.

  I am writing on behalf of the Joint Hull Committee which represents the interests of marine hull insurers operating in London, both from Lloyd's and the company markets. London continues to be a very important centre for marine insurance and whilst underwriters in London write an international portfolio of business any moves to encourage a strong UK Merchant Fleet would be welcomed.

  One of the prime concerns for all participants in the international maritime community is the promotion of higher overall safety standards which links directly to the real concern over the potential shortage of officers and crew who are suitably qualified and trained to meet the future needs of the modern shipping industry. The UK Government can play an important part in this process by encouraging a strong UK Flag which promotes quality both in relation to the ships themselves and the crews on these ships.

D W Taylor

Permanent Secretary

18 December 1998

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Prepared 8 June 1999