Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Stability approval

Vessel TypeSizeIntact DamageSizeIntact Damage

Passenger VesselN/Aa,b a,b
Oil Tanker>100ma,b,c a,b,c<100ma,b a,b
Bulk Carrier or Ore Vessel1>150m a,b,ca,b,c<150m a,ba,b
Single Deck Bulk Vessel1>100m
Chemical or Bulk Gas VesselsN/A a,b,ca,b,c
Grain Vessel1>150m a,b,ca,b,c<150m a,ba,b
Dry Cargo Vessels (not otherwise mentioned)1 >100ma,b,ca,b,c <100ma,ba,b
Container Vessels1>125m a,b,ca,b,c<125m a,ba,b
Mobile Drill Unit Column StabilisedN/A a,b,ca,b,c
Mobile Offshore support unit, Column Stabilised N/Aa,b,ca,b,c
High Speed CraftN/Aa,b a,b
Mega yacht>100ma,b,c a,b,c<100ma,b a,b

a Marine and Coastguard Agency.
b Marine Administration if authorisation exists in Annex 3. c Classification socities as listed in Annex 1.
d Consultants as listed in this Annex:
None listed.
1 Damage stability for these vessels which are in excess of 80m may be determined using the Probabilistic method of determination.

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Prepared 8 June 1999