Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary Memorandum to the Chairman of the Committee from the Department of Trade and Industry, Isle of Man Government (FUS 41A)

  Your letter to the Hon David North, MHK, Minister for Trade and Industry, has been passed to me in order that I may address the question of:

    "how many vessels formerly registered in the United Kingdom are now registered in the Isle of Man and how many vessels have switched from the UK to the Isle of Man each year since the Isle of Man register was set up".

  The Isle of Man register became an "International Register" in 1984, the attached table indicates the number of former UK registered vessels which have transferred to the Isle of Man register each year since 1984; how many of these vessels are still on the register; how many vessels have subsequently left; and the total number of vessels on the Isle of Man register for that particular year.

  As can be seen from the table, of the 153 vessels which transferred from the UK register to the Isle of Man, between the years 1984-1998, only 49 of these vessels remain on the Manx Register; 104 vessels having left the register for a variety of reasons.

  As of end 1998 the IoM register had 231 Merchant Ships on its register. With the exception of 13 vessels (mainly small tugs, barges and tenders) all of these ships are greater than 500grt.

  I also attach for your information statistical data relating to the number of vessels on the IoM register, gross tonnage and composition of the merchant fleet crewing number and the number of persons directly employed in the IoM shipping industry (crewing and IoM personnel data not yet available for 1998).

Isle of Man Registered Merchant Ships (excluding yachts and fishing vessels)

Number of UK Merchant Ships
RegisteredStill Registered Subsequently Total V/Ls
Yearin Yearin 1999 Left by 1999on Register

198421 134
198571 638
1986324 2876
1987432 41119
1988189 9139
198931 2128
199011 0130
199195 4134
1992127 5118
1993104 6125
199410 1135
199565 1160
199611 0191
199755 0223
199833 0231

Totals15349 104

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Prepared 8 June 1999